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Cultural relic protects project government measure

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Cultural relic protects project government measure

Culture ministry makes the 26th date

(promulgate date: Carried out date on April 1, 2003: On May 1, 2003)

chapter general principles

Project approving of the 2nd chapter and reconnaissance design

Construction of the 3rd chapter, inspect manage and check and accept

Award of the 4th chapter and punish

Supplementary articles of the 5th chapter

chapter general principles

The first protects the government of the project to strengthen cultural relic further, basis " cultural relic of People's Republic of China protects a law " and " People's Republic of China builds a way " concerned regulation, make this way.

This the 2nd method place says cultural relic protects a project, it is to point to what protect an unit for cultural relic to check and ratify to have the ancient culture of cultural relic value with other bury of relics, barrow, ancient building, the Cave Temple and carved stone, modern the not portable cultural relic such as important historical sites and representative building, mural.

Content of the 3rd article protects a project to must abide by the fundamental that does not change cultural relic previous condition, comprehensive ground is saved, the true history information of continuance cultural relic and value; According to international, home's accepted criterion, noumenon of protective cultural relic and to it relevant history, humanitarian with environment.

Content of the 4th article protects an unit to ought to make special overall protection plan, cultural relic protects a project to ought to undertake according to the program of approval.

Content of the 5th article protects project cent to be: Maintain safeguard establishment of project of project, consolidate of rush to deal with an emergency, reparative project, protection to build project, migratory project to wait.

(one) maintain maintain a project, the department shows those who be aimed at cultural relic is slight the daily sex that damages place to make, seasonal conserve. (2) project of consolidate of rush to deal with an emergency, when the department shows cultural relic breaks out serious risk, wait for conditional limitation as a result of time, technology, funds, cannot undertake thoroughly reparative and adopt those who have reversibility to cultural relic temporarily the project of measure of consolidate of rush to deal with an emergency.

(3) reparative project, the structural consolidate that the department points to to to protect cultural relic noumenon place needs is handled and maintain, what include to combine structural consolidate and undertake is local recover from an illness project.

(4) protection establishment builds a project, the department points to the project of add to protect cultural relic safe safeguard.

(5) migratory project, because protective job needs particularly,the department points to, what when having the step with more significant other, adopt cultural relic whole or local remove, the project that different ground protects.

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