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About print and distribute " modern cultural relic collects referenced limits "
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About print and distribute " modern cultural relic collects referenced limits " and " modern Tibet of one class cultural relic is tasted rate standard (try out) " announcement

Bureau of hall of culture of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government) , canal of cultural relic bureau, article is met, directly under museum, about industry museum:

Since new China holds water, especially since reforming and opening, cultural relic of our country revolution and job of revolutionary memorial hall obtained the result that your person fixes eyes upon. According to not complete count, at present the whole nation is collected, reveal the latter-day cultural relic since 1840 (contain revolutionary cultural relic) museum, memorial hall already amounted to many 400, collect, custodial and latter-day cultural relic many 50, hold rich and colorful expose exhibition and propagandist education activity, mix in socialistic politics civilization, spiritual civilization material produced main effect in civilized construction. But look from countrywide summer condition, current modern cultural relic protection, research and reveal, a few questions that contain catholicity still exist in publicizing the job.

It is to collect still insufficient and rich, reflective our country is modern the cultural relic that social progress changes is collected generally less, the cultural relic that mirrors socialistic revolution and construction is collected fewer, some areas, some museum are blank almost. This not only bad comprehensive already report a half century is hard the China of labyrinthian, surging forward with great momentum is modern the history, also bring about a lot of museum, memorial hall display what the exhibition lacks precious in kind to prop up, often extend a range with fill of photograph of mutual and duplicate, reduplicative, duplicate, the appeal with due short of and appeal. As modern science and technology and the rapid development that economy builds, social production, life and corporeal condition are swift and violent improvement, modern on the history of all kinds the objective data that has fundamental value is quickened ruined. Except the revolutionary cultural relic that with the Communist Party of China party history concerns relatively suffer outside taking seriously, 1840-1949 year, since new China holds water a lot of provide the historical data of other cultural relic that collects a meaning to have not get the system is collected quite, rescue protection job is pressing with each passing day, no time to delay.

2 it is to involve modern the legal system of cultural relic management builds opposite lag, " cultural relic protects a law " , " byelaw of try out of job of revolutionary memorial hall " , " nature science holding tastes administrative measure " , " cultural relic Tibet is tasted rate standard " wait for code, all not specific standard is modern the protective limits of cultural relic and value are maintained. Those who face tremendous amount of is modern objective data, unit of rich of each district article is in real work hard accurate what to hold to belong to valuable modern cultural relic, the optional sex that collects category, valuation is bigger, affected on certain level modern cultural relic protection and the healthy progress that publicize the job.
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