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The State Council informs with what improve cultural relic work about strengthen
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The State Council informs with what improve cultural relic work about strengthening

The country is sent [1997]13 number

Promulgate date: 19970330 carries out date: 19970330 issues an unit: The State Council

Government of people of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, the State Council orgnaization of each ministries and commissions, each directly under:

Our country is the civilization ancient state that having long history and bright culture, have very rich and generous historical culture bequest. Protect and use good motherland precious cultural relic, it is our obligatory responsibility and obligation. Current, in development condition of socialist market economy falls, cultural relic working face faces a lot of new cases and new issue, relatively outstanding is: Cause legal person of cultural relic losing to violate a case to increase somewhat; The guilty activity such as cultural relic of holding of resurrect barrow bury, theft, smuggling cultural relic and cultural relic trade illegally the activity is banned repeatedly more than; Job of protection of cultural relic of a few places is couldn't get some attention and should support, affected the normal evolution of cultural relic career. Accordingly, must 14 with the party 6 in plenary meeting spirit is guidance, continue to hold to " protection is given priority to, rescue the first " guiding principle, carry out " effective protection, reasonable use, strengthen management " principle, the relation of benefit of the society in progress of career of the relation that handles protection of good cultural relic and economic construction correctly, cultural relic and economic benefits, build the cultural relic that suits with photograph of system of socialist market economy to protect system. Inform as follows with respect to concerned problem now:

, build the cultural relic that suits with photograph of system of socialist market economy to protect system

Should build hard get used to system of socialist market economy requirement, abide by cultural relic to protection of working oneself rule, country is given priority to and arouse the cultural relic that whole society participates in protects system. Each place, each answer to bring into cultural relic protection about the branch local economy and social development plan, bring into program of urban and rural construction, bring into finance budget, bring into system reform, bring into system of job responsibility of leaders of all levels. The cultural relic that arranges in finance budget protects funds to answer year after year increases somewhat, the policy that should make phasing answer at the same time is encouraged, guide and absorb extensively concerned branch and enterprise or business unit and individual participate in cultural relic to protect an enterprise.

Department of administration of national cultural relic should strengthen the macroscopical management that works to countrywide cultural relic, do well the overall planning that enterprise of countrywide cultural relic develops, need to try to complement to active legal laws and regulations according to the job perfect, the jurisprudence that cultural relic of progressively and perfect our country protects. Various people government wants the place the cultural relic protection of area of administer of perfect, perfect place runs a system, enhance the power of department of cultural relic administration. Concerned function branch should make clear duty further, in the government unified leader falls to cooperate each other, do well jointly cultural relic protects the job.
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