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The content that cultural relic protects is involved in other and special legisl
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The content that cultural relic protects is involved in other and special legislation

Except " cultural relic protects a law " in outside the content that strict regulation cultural relic protects, in other law, also have the provision that involves cultural relic protection. For example:

" civil code general rule " there is such content in the regulation about property ownership: "The citizen's personal property, data of the lawful income that includes a citizen, building, deposit, articles for daily use, cultural relic, books, forest, domestic animals and law allow a citizen all manufacturing data and other and lawful belongings. Lawful belongings of the citizen gets legal protection, prohibit any organize or individual embezzlement, fool grab, destroy or close down illegally, sequestered, freeze, confiscate. " " everybody's unidentified bury substance, stash, homecoming home is all. "

" law of regional autonomy of minority nationalities " the 38th regulation: "The autonomic mechanism of ethical autonomy place is collected, arrange, interpreter and publication nation book, protect heritage of ethical famous places and historical sites, precious cultural relic and culture of other and important history. "

" silvan law " in regulation: "Silvan cent is the following 5 kinds: ... 5, special type utility forest: Wait for the forest that is main purpose and forest with national defence, environmental protection, scientific test, include national defence forest, experiment forest, Mu Shulin, environmental protection forest, the forest of ground of souvenir of revolution of Linhe of scenery forest, famous places and historical sites. " " the famous places and historical sites of Lin Zhong of special type utility and the forest that revolution commemorates the forest of the ground, natural groove guard, forbidden cut. "

" inheritance act " in regulation, the individual that bequest is the bequeath when the citizen dies is lawful belongings, include the citizen's cultural relic among them.

" law of mineral products resource " the 17th in regulation, the concerned director branch that is not accredit of classics the State Council agrees, do not get the natural groove guard in national delimit, main beauty spot, the cannot move history cultural relic that national emphasis protects and resource of mineral products of exploitation of seat of famous places and historical sites. The 19th sets: "When resource of mineral products of perambulate, exploitation, the infrequent qualitative appearance that discovery has value of great and scientific culture and culture historic site, ought to try to protect and reach times to notify concerned department. "

" public security management punishs byelaw " the 25th regulation: "Obstructive society administers order, have following the 1st does it all right to the 3rd of one, be in 200 yuan of the following amerce to perhaps be warned... in underground, inside discover cultural relic hides not to sign up for in place of etc of water, territorial sea, do not hand in a country; ... the cultural relic that intended blemish country protects, famous places and historical sites, mar public sculpture, of punishment of still insufficient criminal... "
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