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General office of the State Council about western the announcement that cultural
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General office of the State Council about western the announcement that cultural relic protection and administrative job strengthen in big development

The country does send [2000]60 date

(on August 31, 2000)

Government of people of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, the State Council orgnaization of each ministries and commissions, each directly under:

The area is one of principal home of China civilization western, it is the area of a multiracial inhabit a region from of old, every nationality people created effulgent archaic culture jointly, left rich and precious culture legacy. These cultural relic are development of every nationality people western, build western, be here the life, multiply, haunt historical testimony. Protect and had managed these cultural relic, have principal historical port and real sense. Inform as follows with respect to concerned problem now:

One, strengthen western the cultural relic protection in big development and administrative job, it is various people government and the responsibility with concerned obligatory branch. Concerned place, branch wants the attitude that with be opposite country and ethical culture bequest are in charge of, know adequately western the important sense that protection of good cultural relic and administrative work make in big development, cogent strengthen and improve the leader that works to this. Should strengthen conduct propaganda, carry out " cultural relic of People's Republic of China protects a law " the strength that waits for relevant law laws and regulations, advocate energetically, arouse and guide whole society to participate in cultural relic protection, be protected lawfully and manage the historical culture bequest inside good precinct. Should clutch research formulate or program of development of facilities of gain of modification place article, do well to restore with zoology, the harmony of structural adjustment of urban and rural construction and infrastructure construction, industry, article rich undertaking development includes region economy and society development " 15 " program.

2, want appropriate to had been handled western the relation between protection of the cultural relic in big development and economic construction. Cultural relic branch should be strengthened further western investigation of area cultural relic, evaluate and announce cultural relic to protect the fundamental sex job such as the unit, understand base number, accelerate finish western each province (municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government) of cultural relic census and cultural relic atlas compilatory the plan that waits for the job, in the likelihood the place of bury cultural relic does cultural relic of good focal point to protect the delimit of area to work. The infrastructure project inside area is protected in key cultural relic, when having the job such as early days project approving, argumentation, optional location, want to seek the opinion of department of cultural relic administration adequately; The place of cultural relic of possible inside engineering construction limits bury should undertake cultural relic investigation, exploration works beforehand; To the cultural relic that discovers in investigation, exploration, answer to put forward in time to treat an opinion, avoid to produce the event that destroys cultural relic. What because infrastructure undertakes cultural relic exploration, archaeology disentombs,require cost, according to " cultural relic of People's Republic of China protects a law " with file of state committee of planning, Ministry of finance (1997 〕 of valuation cost 〔 1220) concerned regulation, raise by the row in building an unit to invest from the project.
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