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Archaize furniture market moves toward where -- visit Wu Bingliang of vice direc
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Editor's note: Close paragraph time comes, the article that analyses in the light of archaize furniture and report of rare lumber market is very much, more typical in these reports is " bubble of archaize furniture market is talked " , think market of archaize annatto furniture is hype of early days insanity, and later period bubble is brokenThe typical trade that destroy is represented, deny even and suspect the development of whole market foreground. Scholar of the expert inside a lot of course of study, average reader and the investment of a lot of archaize furniture collect lover to express to pay close attention to the trend of archaize furniture market very much. For this, we interviewed Wu Bingliang of vice director of council of major of Chinese conventional furniture, the reason of changes in temperature that analyses market of latter archaize furniture deep is moved toward with what the market grows.

Reporter: You think to be before this market of furniture of annatto of archaize of period of time is hot, is the price climbed successively litre even what is the main reason that twice grows? Be the reason of hype because of the person?
Wu Bingliang: Reviewing market of furniture of new archaize allusion nearly 10 years to come is to develop flourishingly really, the reason that the market flourishs greatly the abidance of economy of profit from China develops and of people living standard rise stage by stage and of ethical self-confidence heart increase. The people affirmation to traditional culture and have deep love for translate into to consume demand, archaize furniture holds concurrently practical the value with appreciation, with daily life be closely bound up, the consumptive group that buys archaize furniture also expands ceaselessly. And the rare wood rich that place of furniture of this kind of high-grade archaize chooses is faced with dried up, the consumptive group that expands quickly quickened the wastage to rare wood, drove these rare wood prices thereby rise, the price of furniture also with respect to naturally when the river rises the boat goes up too. So, I think the prime cause that in recent years rare wood and archaize furniture rise in price depends on: Expand quickly what consume a group and of rare wood resource rare be short of, between this of supply demand relations lopsided it is high-grade lumber and archaize furniture price climb the main reason that rise quickly.
Reporter: But flocculus rosewood lumber is in the price was every about 2006 ton 200 thousand yuan or so, arrived second half of the year went up 2007 many yuan 60, current price the callback comes 30 to 400 thousand the left and right sides, is this kind of overt price rises and fall factitious hype?
Wu Bingliang: This problem is carried very well, also have very much representative. In recent years with be being waited for in light of hype talking artificially the industry grows rate, often with flocculus rosewood price rise and fall as " hype " talk and bubble is undone talked basis. Objective for, in eliminating to trade in the lumber of flocculus rosewood, existence has gold of foreign capital of one part field to enter, the behavior that collect accumulating acclaims, flocculus rosewood rises really inside shorter time range is too big. But those who need an attention is, in flocculus rosewood price swift and violent when rising, the furniture that makes with flocculus rosewood in the market is done not have wait for scale to rise subsequently, of furniture of rosewood of flocculus of extensive below the market condition at that time existence clinch a deal actually the price under case of price of lumber of rosewood of flocculus of the corresponding period, because the capital of short-term investment property basically enters lumber,trade domain and did not appear in furniture finished product. Accordingly, the hype phenomenon that exists in material of flocculus rosewood log is equal to also put in this kind of phenomenon in archaize furniture company, in other type rare wood trades mediumly in the evidence that also did not discover gold of field foreign capital invests hype, for example the price of Hainan chrysanthemum pear and Vietnam chrysanthemum pear is done not have considerably oscillation is reduced. See Hainan a few days ago a certain media reports Hainan chrysanthemum pear from 9000 yuan fell one kilogram 900 yuan a kilogram, crossing chapter of dispatch of xinhua net of Xinhua News Agency a few days to confirm is a false news. The foreground that the acclaim behavior and oppugns other lumber price that I think to cannot use part of the existence in a kind of lumber denies whole industry grows even.
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