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Market demand decides everything
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From the year before last year hot the insanity to last year, to the suffer a disastrous decline by last year, arrive again this year first half of the year be about to go up to still fall, sureness of annatto furniture price sat bout switchback. Nowadays, annatto furniture market calmed it seems that a lot of. Be what reason makes is annatto furniture experienced " Pu Er " nearly identical destiny? Whether is present annatto furniture market true so quiet? When can annatto furniture market just return to reason truly?

Multiple element, aid go up annatto furniture price
The ox fooled fooled stock market and the estate with hot flourishing last year, accelerated the rate that Chinese economy grows greatly, stimulated annatto furniture consumption greatly, demand of annatto furniture market is exuberant it is one of main reasons that bring about violent wind of annatto furniture price to rise.
Came 2006 2007 first half of the year, chinese stock market a flourishing, estate sale space expands, countless evidence make clear, chinese economy is in high speed to expand position, the purchasing power of common people and desire to buy hope to also be climbed considerably litre, belongings is protected value and appreciate become the topic that cares most when servents. Annatto furniture because its data is valuable with rich and generous China tradition culture insides information, have collect value very well, become a lot of people to seek the target that holds investment in both hands consequently, cause annatto furniture demand to rise suddenly again and again, when the river rises the boat goes up too of nature of annatto furniture price.
The shortage of raw material causes price of annatto furniture raw material directly short-term soare, although cost rises considerably, below the case that sees huge consumptive demand, the home connects a lot of manufacturers to raise price of annatto furniture finished product too directly, the pressure engraft that rises cost gave customer, of finished product furniture go up exceeded raw material even go up. Cause the cause that raw material is in short supply, hu Min of Ming Yifang general manager makes the same score an analysis to think, on one hand, annatto furniture market is hot, raw material makes dosage increases quickly; On the other hand, a lot of world nations restrict fell trees and exit lumber, chinese hardwood imports a quantity to decrease somewhat, at the same time high-grade hardwood has hoard for speculation of a few businessmen spec and hype, make raw material of furniture of the annatto on the market more show rare be short of, this disappear the other party is chief under, raw material price is in short-term inside climb successively litre, affect the price of annatto furniture directly.

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