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New standard is annatto furniture renown
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Good annatto furniture is furniture not only, also be an artwork.

Annatto furniture grows thoughout the history fill do not decline, in former days annatto furniture is exalted with fortune indicative, as people living standard rise significantly, annatto furniture already entered home of common common people.

Connotation of annatto furniture craft is profound, consumer investment wants discretion.

A few days ago, standardize a center to wait for orgnaization new castigatory by furniture of Chinese furniture association, whole nation " China is brunet and rare hardwood furniture standard " obtain national hair to change appoint formal approval, will carry out on September 1 this year. It is reported, consult this standard, "Furniture of brunet and rare hardwood " the furniture that a general designation has annatto culture intention, annatto furniture is " furniture of brunet and rare hardwood " the product that annatto standard regulation accords with with material in the product. Be aimed at the new standard that is about to implement, manufacturer of production of Dongguan annatto furniture reacts generally quiet, think this action conduces to the random elephant on market of normative annatto furniture inside course of study, quicken an industry to shuffle come at an early date.

  "Bright show consumption " execute compulsively

Not long ago, the China that in Heibei sweet river holds is brunet and rare on news briefing of hardwood furniture standard, countrywide furniture standardizes country of Liu Yao of central vice director to express, new standard is promulgated 1998 carry out " standard of furniture of brunet and rare hardwood " edit on the foundation those who finish. Develop those who reach annatto state level to wait to come on stage in succession as the industry, original standard already cannot get used to trade demand, annatto furniture abounds in with the phenomenon with true, shoddy pretend to be. In the meantime, furniture produces an enterprise to be given priority to with standard of industry furniture product commonly, and annatto GB is it is a standard in order to cultivate kind of material, because the regulation of two standards is skimble-scamble, when producing consumptive issue, the basis that causes manufacturer and businessman, businessman and client and qualitative check branch to examine to the product is achieved hard consistent.

To new castigatory " China is brunet and rare hardwood furniture standard " , controller of factory of family property of Dongguan city some annatto Mr Jiang thinks, the most outstanding meaning of new standard depended on uniting annatto furniture and other and rare wood to plant the occupation standard of furniture, your manufacturer reached relevant superintendency section to have the executive basis of facilitating operation. After be being executed compulsively inside the industry, will promote the standardization of annatto furniture produce and sale, in order to protect consumer rights and interests.
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