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Brazilwood sells consumer to ask pair of times compensation when annatto
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Report from our correspondent (morning of Chen Chang's reporter enlighten) Mr Li took a fancy to a furniture, should be informed is annatto material when pledging, he weighs gold none hesitantly to be bought, but he just discovers after the event, this is furniture of a brazilwood merely. Two days ago, he told the boss of furniture classics battalion headquarters the court, ask pair of times compensation to the court, current, this case already experienced run.

Mr Li expresses, in April 2008, he takes a fancy to a furniture in battalion headquarters of classics of some annatto furniture, the staff member call this woodiness that covers furniture red Tan Mu, one of belonging to annatto. Then, mr Li ordered this to cover " red Tan Mu " furniture, include bright type bed of wood of desk and chair of desk of table of sofa of chest of high case big bed, French, bright type, bright type, bright type, Guan Maoshu, red wingceltis reachs bookcase of 2 bright type 1 times each to wait, total prices is worth 166100 yuan. On May 2, 2008, fund money the goods are delivered and the bill is cleared. However, after Mr Li sends appraisal furniture, the lumber that discovers this furniture place is used is not annatto, also not be red Tan Mu, however brazilwood. Mr Li that discovery is duped thinks furniture manages a ministry to sell brazilwood furniture with the name of annatto furniture, form con. He requests forensic basis " consumer rights and interests protects a law " , " contract law " reach " civil code general rule " relevant provision, adjudicate furniture classics battalion headquarters has pair of times compensation. Current, the court had accepted this proposal.

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