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Partial furniture company is faced with live or die final examination
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Suffer the element effect such as the attune on raw material price, furniture industry for a time hearsay will rise in price in the round September. But the reporter visited the market to discover recently, because sales volume of global furniture market drops, company of furniture of major Fosan mainland as before " nots throw the troops into battle " , temporary not dare small talk rises in price.
The personage inside course of study is forecasted, because suffer material to rise in price, sales volume drops double blow, partial home look forward to faces the closes down possibly crisis before the end of the year, whether break out of an encirclement looks whether good management and product two close.
Company of this locality furniture not dare small talk rises in price
Can deny to near future furniture rise in price in the round, the responsible average per capita of company of furniture of Fosan much home gives negative result, the personage inside course of study expresses, face the situation with exit suffocate suffocate and more intense this year competition of sale in domestic market, enterprise would rather compresses him profit to digest cost, temporary also not dare small talk raises price.
Wen Bin of manager of department of public relations of limited company of group of Guangdong federal family property says, although raw material reachs carriage cost to rise considerably, but the effect that suffers global economy to develop rate fall after a rise, furniture market already whole is immersed in low confuse condition, and began July from last year, the exit drawback rate of furniture industry falls to 0, many Fosan furniture companies are helpless " exit turns " of sale in domestic market, also make the home market competition that begs for be more than originally more intense, do not have which enterprise so dare small talk raises price, appear more impossibly to raise price in the round.
Boss of bell of factory of furniture of abundant abundant annatto also expresses, because fear consumer is too sensitive to rising in price, although the enterprise wants to rise in price also not dare, price of wood of name of entrance of minority of besides near future already somewhat fall after a rise, pressure of your company cost alleviates greatly, the circumstance that because this near future is impossible to appear,furniture rises in price considerably, price of furniture of a few annatto still falls somewhat, the 150 thousand ~16 when be like maximum price of chair of flocculus rosewood palace 10 thousand yuan / cover (three-piece suit) , drop at present answered 80 thousand yuan / set.
Application perfects management
Reduce company cost
Can the end of the year overshoot difficulty? The personage inside course of study thinks, the enterprise must reduce cost from inside perfect managing, and union improves product of fist of core of creation of ability of product research and development, well-done enterprise can break through a tight encirclement.
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