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Uncover secret new " red building " merchant mother " bedroom " see Gu Fu after
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Informal a jade article with respect to value about a hundred 10 thousand, look be like ordinary small place it is the antique of on value 10 thousand however, completely manual carve makes 8 meters long bed narrow and low bed, so costly room is made by makings of true material fact completely. Eve, reporter explore class is patting in heat " red Lou Meng " (old edition new edition) play staff, witnessed luxurious air merchant mother " a person of extraordinary powers curtilage " , the one group that builds meticulously in Li Shaogong " Yi Zhen also unreal " in red building dream, the character modelling that once sufferred controversy also becomes true Mrs. Wang, Bao Chai people come on stage one by one.
Walk into this mystery " Gu Fu " in, reporter eventually experience arrived in fokelore a variety of extravagant occasion, mrs. Wang madams showed the character model that suffers controversy personally, li Shaogong also showed the Gu Fu that a variety of value do not poor to press down domestic treasure personally for the reporter.
[Modelling uncovers secret]
Silver of dress true gold

New " red Lou Meng " after modelling is announced, caused the mass criticism of dynamic, this also lets Li Shaogong for a time very depressed and discontented, state such makeup appearance below true setting won't be sudden again and again. In the spot, the reporter saw eventually with frontal makeup appears " Mrs. Wang " Gui Yalei and " Bao Chai " Bai Bing.
Dress: Delicate, wear rise laborious
In the spot in a few minutes of the sort of deep and serene and blurred atmosphere, play of color of Ga of Gui Yalei a suit is taken, on the head " cucumber piece " stick a frontal makeup unusually marked also, but fall in the setting of the spot, her makeup look falls not abrupt, instead very the grace like part picture go-between.
She also revealed the complex costume that Xie Jintian designs to the reporter: Although be a suit spring clothing, but inside and outside has 6 however, this lets Gui Yalei wear rise very between take time, and must let her a young fan is taken to drop in temperature to oneself in the hand. But the fabrics of dress is very exquisite however, high-grade silk is inside, outer garment is bud silk aba. Gui Yalei laugh says Xie Jintian is honest too exquisite, mere her dress has many 20, let them wear inside and outside to amount to 6 dress everyday, "Too hot, too tired " .
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