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Diving of price of domestic flocculus rosewood has not affect other annatto furn
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Recently, ms. Wang that decorating has a dot to have a blurred vision when annatto furniture market turns. The message discloses, flocculus rosewood has depreciated considerably recently, when be being purchased just about, but she does not know this kind rises to fall greatly greatly the annatto furniture under after all whether keep a cost. The personage inside course of study discloses to the reporter, burst of many bubble accumulation is the cause that causes diving of flocculus rosewood high table, but can not affect whole annatto market level.

   Flocculus rosewood goes up 2 years 5 times
"Flocculus rosewood near future appeared to depreciate, because early days goes up too quickly,be completely. " a controller tells city of Beijing classic furniture the reporter, the raw material of rosewood of the flocculus after the Spring Festival passes 750 thousand yuan from the height / ton drop, was 400 thousand yuan in March / ton, a few days ago already many yuan 30 / ton. Market of furniture finished product also appears accordingly small drop, but not as apparent as raw material. According to introducing, flocculus rosewood Chu Gang is large-scale 2006 when entering home market, the price is about 150 thousand yuan / ton. Then flocculus rosewood followed stock market of the corresponding period to experience overgrowth one round, every tons from 150 thousand, 300 thousand yuan go up all the time 750 thousand yuan. Besides raw material, furniture of related finished product and woodcarving of twice go up money.

  Diving comes from mad hype
"The year before last year the furniture of rosewood of a flocculus 20 much, the end of the year had been fried last year 40 to 500 thousand. " the tall gentleman that is engaged in classic furniture managing expresses, the price carries go up to die thoroughly next. The reason is very simple: Too tall, did not buy the home to receive dish, at this moment hold is many the business of flocculus rosewood door must depreciate sell.
As the Pu'er tea that devalued right now last year same, of flocculus rosewood depreciating also is the bubble burst after be being acclaimed by insanity. "Go up, falling operate artificially. " the personage inside course of study discloses, began in year last year, a large number of southern annatto businessmen take money centrally, of many Beijing in minor production business should fry the ability in domestic hand to take timber from these. And the price of timber is higher, it is more difficult to take money. The end of the year began last year, these ability that fry the home begin to center shipment to cover now, and arriving in next home hands had been day price.

   Did not affect furniture of other and high-grade annatto
"The flocculus rosewood that depreciates after the section, at present the price already far when be not a patch on is exalted. " the tall gentleman that is engaged in classic furniture managing tells a reporter so. Current, of flocculus rosewood and wood of partial chrysanthemum pear depreciate the Tibet that allows a lot of person him concern that had bought annatto furniture is tasted devalue. Furniture of Chinese collector association collects committee expert Zhang Shaowu to tell a reporter, flocculus rosewood is being squeezed after doing price moisture, the rare decision is short of a gender of its resource its price still can rise as demand and continue to rise. This the callback adds up to manage development to have very auspicious place to the market.
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