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300 old ancient camphorwood caique already " sail " into Olympic Games museum
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"This is the work of woodcarving of the first folk that collects in the house, very significant. " yesterday morning at 9 o'clock half, gentleman of sheng of civilian actor Qiu when work of a group of woodcarving museum of given Xiamen Olympic is collected, mr Lixiang agitato says museum deputy curator.
Name " harmonious brigade "
This group the name is " harmonious brigade " woodcarving work is delivered with torch for the theme, shirt-sleeve the element such as Olympic Games and China, by " Olympic Games spirit " and " passion " two work composition.
"Olympic Games spirit " be carved with 300 old ancient camphorwood and become, main body is a caique that brave the wind and waves, there are fire of Olympic Games emperor and the Five-Star Red Flag on the boat, span on behalf of fire of Olympic Games emperor 5 continent. Those who try to be unique is, torch of author general Olympic Games and the union of ornamental columns erected in front of palaces that represent Chinese old culture are together, with the Olympic Games at the same time 5 annulus mix torch the Five-Star Red Flag joins together. And the catchword that there is Beijing Olympic Games on ship sail " same a world, same a dream " , hull is engraving English " Olympic Games spirit " and " 2008 " the Chinese dragon of appearance, quarter have flank criterion case of auspicious cloud atlas and " hundred years oneiromancy " model of written characters.
Another work " passion " carve with annatto, main body is the Olympic Games torch that grasps by a pair of hands, the egret that represents Xiamen only flies by torch. Engraving in base " start fire of Olympic Games emperor " , " light peace to dream " and " passion " wait for model of written characters.
Cost 14 months
Speak of the creation of this group of woodcarving, mr Qiu Sheng that is engaged in sculpture nearly 18 years says: "The Olympic Games came, regard sculpture as actor, I also want to give a power for Beijing Olympic Games. " began to conceive originality in June from last year, completed work of woodcarving of this group of Olympic Gameses eventually on August 8 to this year, he gave much time energy, each detail is conceived meticulously, even the length of each parts, width, height has work special significance, for instance height symbolizes 56 centimeters 56 nations, grow 29 centimeters to represent 29 Olympic Gameses, and green font represents green Olympic Games.
Tibet of first folk woodcarving is tasted
Plum deputy curator tells a reporter, at present house adduction is storing work of more than 10 folk, seal cutting, seal, calligraphy is waited a moment, but had not collected woodcarving, "The Tibet of woodcarving of the first folk that this group of work are my house is tasted, have special sense. Have special sense..
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