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Price of furniture of annatto of the storm and stress of Vietnam experience fina
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Vietnam is experiencing financial the storm and stress at present, inflationary rate already was achieved May this year 25% , vietnam aegis devalues substantially on foreign currency market. The person of partial furniture industry begins concern: Can you deny the price that affects Chinese annatto furniture and lumber?

China is fond of Vietnam to import annatto

Chinese furniture company is fond of furniture of entrance Vietnam annatto, basically stem from price consideration. Vietnam has lumber resource, labor is cheaper than China, and its make technology simpler, be in according to times reporter Guangxi by auspicious, Pu Zhai two big advocate the city of furniture of annatto of battalion Vietnam entrance understands, eye forehead divides the price of Vietnam annatto furniture, the price that follows domestic timber differs very few. After Chinese factory imported the annatto furniture of Vietnam, undertake fabricating to its, stick oneself label next, with his name sale of work goes out. Mr Liu that machines according to annatto is being done in place introduces, the furniture workmanship of Vietnam this locality is very coarse, do not master even the basiccest tenon riveting technology. Some " collect petty gain " the consumer of the furniture that buys annatto to Vietnam directly used the discovery after period of time in the product, the connection of furniture timber uses all-purpose glue agglutinate actually, rock is largish with respect to can complete be tired out. Now, partial China businessman has begun to set a plant in Vietnam, use place's low-cost labour force, manufacturing semi-finished products, carry next go back to the motherland, earn price difference.

So, after all the financial the storm and stress of near future Vietnam, can you deny the price that affects Chinese annatto furniture? "I just go to this month Guangxi border land bought timber of acerbity branch of 10 tons of Vietnam. " the left young lady that manages archaize furniture in fragrant village tells a reporter, "The price was last year merely 2/3 of stock price. " however, the reporter sees in the shop of left young lady, although many annatto furniture are in with put on sale of extremely small clear commodity price, but bought customer not a lot of. To this, left young lady expresses, the sale is for certain during the Olympic Games off-season, and annatto price is in now fall after a rise, people " buy go up to be not bought drop " psychology is influential to clinching a deal also.

At the beginning of August, reporter in Guangzhou dimensions the oldest annatto furniture sells, be located in fragrant village more with painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style piscine art macrocosm interviews understanding to arrive, what price of furniture of virgin material annatto already fell to two years to come is new low, basic with kept balance in year 2006. Among them, when the price with flocculus current rosewood compares maximum price, dropped 40% the left and right sides. The expert inside course of study is analysed, depreciating main reason was last year volume of red sandalwood import soars, make on the market " beg for be more than " . And drop greatly in the stock market, below the circumstance that building city adjusts, a few enterprises are steam again capital, cause with selling red sandalwood product under the price of the market. And the price of Vietnam chrysanthemum pear is only " firm in have fall " , maintain basically in level of annual the corresponding period.
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