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Lumber shortage craftsman reduces Chinese annatto furniture to lack technical co
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In recent years, and other places of Hainan of our country forbidden exploitation accumulates the red wood with very small amount forest, annatto lumber counts an import entirely almost. Compare with common furniture photograph, the design of annatto furniture and craft have individual demand, and the artisan that knows annatto to make technology is in drop off. Regard our country tradition as the main component of culture, annatto furniture still needs to be in how is the balance found between inheritance culture and design innovation.
   Annatto value still stands high above the masses
Annatto lumber is divided roughly for 5 belong to 8 kinds 33 kinds, jump over card rosewood, An Daman rosewood to wait for instance belong to Hua Limu kind red sandalwood is belonged to, broad Xie Huangtan, black yellow wingceltis belongs to wood of black acerbity branch kind yellow wingceltis is belonged to. Annatto suits to grow the selva that is in area of low latitude of equatorial both sides only. And other places of our country Guangxi, Yunnan, Hainan also has annatto to grow.
Mill-owner of furniture of our country annatto should distributing in and other places of Jiangsu, Guangdong, Fujian, jiangsu is annatto classic furniture genre " revive make " matrix, protected a project to be included directory in Jiangsu as immaterial culture bequest 2006. Guangdong is the main production base of countrywide furniture industry, classic furniture makes annatto enterprise scale is larger, but the sale is given priority to with exit, rate and effect are had in home market not big. Fujian celestial being swims in recent years a new force suddenly rises, year sale achieves a few RMBs, make the van of market of domestic annatto furniture.
These two years, annatto market experienced blame reason one round soare and steep fall. 2007, annatto lumber price from normal 100 thousand ~18 10 thousand yuan / ton overgrowth arrives 800 thousand ~100 10 thousand yuan / ton, the price of red sandalwood and chrysanthemum pear was to exceed 1 million yuan more / ton. House of many annatto manufacturer corner are strange, ill will acclaims annatto price, many annatto lumber gathers on the hand, do not machine however, annatto of calculate on corner can receive a few pails of gold more. Since this year, accept investment market impact, annatto price drops unexpectedly, drop to the 300 thousand ~40 nowadays 10 thousand yuan / ton.
   Lumber shortage craftsman also is decreasing
The annatto that the annatto furniture place that home produces uses, wait for country of a few southeast Asia and South America and African entrance from India, Burmese, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos more. As environmental protection cry increasingly rising, these countries adopt rigid limitative policy in succession, entrance channel is increasingly narrow. But, to the annatto furniture industry of our country, of shortage is lumber resource not just.
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