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Collect market price case to be uncovered high " annatto furniture " mysterious
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Annatto furniture origin is in Ming Dynasty 1460, zheng He issues West 7 times, go back to the motherland to press cabin with annatto every time. Carpentry the woodiness that bring back the furniture of annatto make it with hard, exquisite, good grain, handicraft and gardens design construction, after offerring palace emperor people enjoy. To later period annatto much input reachs a dynasty ruined, ability shedding comes loose folk. Fabulous Ming Dynasty has two emperors to be participated in personally make furniture, the essence of craft exceeds craftsman of for use of an emperor. Bright dynasty still chooses outstanding carpentry to regard the Ministry of Works in feudal China as the government official from countrywide each district, have famous craftsman Wen Ying of inner and outer city walls of Han of Zhu Zi, Shaanxi, Jiangsu prefectural Kuai Xiang, the official comes the duty of man of serve of the Ministry of Works in feudal China, a high official in ancient China. Because palace estate goes after the foundation of the enjoyment of extravagant life, society and emperor to be participated in personally,devise the main reason of creation, promoted the rapid development of annatto furniture.

Bright generation furniture is called commonly " bright type furniture " . Bright type furniture basically is used India, Burmese the precious horniness lumber that with southeast Asia one belt produces, wait like wood of red sandalwood wood, Hua Limu, ferreous mesua, acerbity branch, these lumber colour and lustre are heavy, grain is beautiful, quality of a material is hard and exquisite. Rich and colorful of style of breed of bright generation furniture, the concept of whole set furniture has been formed, appeared to wait for furniture of form a complete set in order to build the hall hall that dimensional function differentiates, bedroom, study.
How does chrysanthemum pear furniture discern? The family history of hair of tears of blood that naked " of " of Ji Saier exceeding a standard wants rich and powerful person of significant China estate is opposite vinous 8 big misunderstanding [reform 30 years] Yang Guojiang of 10 old entrepreneur [brief history] tax system 30 years [group plan] camera lens 1994 bright, form the body feature of having a unique style, modelling is concise, beautiful, simple, emphasize the body line image of furniture, reflect lively, pure and fresh artistic style. In the meantime, bright type furniture developed the beauty of the colour and lustre of hardwood and grain adequately, not work write in an ornate style, to stress line beautiful, below the premise that does not affect integral result, just be in local the carve that makes small area is acted the role of. The construction is reasonable, modelling is beautiful, mirrorred adequately " bright type " the remarkable level of furniture.
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