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Price of hill of ancestral chrysanthemum pear ark is 5 million yuan high
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Tibet tastes a description: Hill ark a pair, 159 centimeters tall, bottom is 79 centimeters long, 33 centimeters wide, coping slightly small, 73 centimeters long, 31 centimeters wide, wood surface has apparent grain and funny face. Modelling and adornment style are succinct and practical, there is copper to act the role of on the door, after two doors are opened inside two fall on cent, aroma is tangy, there are two drawers among, can pull neatly move.

Tibet tastes origin: Hide an easy gentleman, ancestral native place is provided. After be being passed in easy gentleman hand, if,he is inspected jewellery, never had used, save accordingly in good condition, article admirable.

Appraisal expert: Beijing minute Huang Zhitong of expert of furniture of annatto of city of temple furniture antique

Appraisal result: Bright hill of pear of terminal Hainan chrysanthemum ark

Appraisal reason: Above all, will see coping from the integral modelling of this furniture slightly narrow, bottom slightly wide, show hill model, appear very sedate, fact with the function desalt adornment takes seriously on adornment. The design of free door used mechanical principle apparently, what applied wood itself ably is inertial, can maintain after opening shut automatically, convenient and practical. Still the copper among two doors acts the role of a nature that wrap an oar, and can seeing apparently is chamfer of dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed built-in law craft, did not see the mark that has any craze up to now, these are the features of bright generation furniture.

Next, clarity of grain of surface of this hill ark is natural, guide conduit line is short and fine, distributing have apparent " funny face " , add on a few beautiful cruelly oppress grain (the small macula with exterior wood close aperture was pared like the fish leather cruelly oppress is same) , present the lasting appeal that gives landscape painting of a kind of similar China, begin feels its woodiness is exquisite, compact, flowing, exceed outstanding range estimation far. And can see this ark timber is oily and great apparently, it is especially in the weather of overcast and rainy excretive is oily material is more apparent, feel cabinet wall and drawer bottom to have the feeling that sticks a hand with the hand, also can smell on smell a kind of powerful sweet branch ingredient that contains mildew corrupt ingredient and pungent laborious fragrance, these are western the only character of Hainan chrysanthemum pear. Additional, use in the surface of the cabinet times taller magnifier observation can see have shine apparently hair is yellow " gold-rimmed gold is nodded " , this also is a detail that people thinks Hainan chrysanthemum pear is high.
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