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20 thousand yuan " annatto furniture " be being checked is plum ghost
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Annatto furniture because its antique style and nice capable person get all the time character the welcome of consumer, go up at every turn 10 thousand yuan of prices also are not decimal eye really, then faker from time to tome appear. A few days ago, the citizen that do not have stannum Mr Chen is redemptive furniture of a pinchbeck annatto.
Go up at the beginning of the month, mr Chen in the road in people an annatto furniture specialized in inn to take a fancy to wood of a southeast Asia acerbity branch to carry sofa and an acerbity branch on the back continuously stage of eat of wooden straight foot, spend at once 26000 multivariate buy. After a few days, manufacturer deliver goods comes. He sees be made clear really on the quality manual of furniture is annatto, also put a heart. When the friend admire name of a few know the business will view and admire these two furniture, they feel two furniture look from the exterior not quite wood of branch resembling acid, suggest Mr Chen seeks authoritative branch appraisal. Mr Chen sent institute of science of lumber of Nanjing forestry university to have identification. This month 5 days, survey report came out: Of two furniture using material actually is motley beans wood, this kind of lumber originates in Africa, do not belong to acerbity branch wood, also do not belong to annatto.
See these two survey report, the salesperson of furniture store is foolish also eye, state the manufacturer home that is Changshu delivers goods directly, not clear how can appear such problem. Inn reporter is specialized in to see in this annatto furniture, only minority is hanging sign on furniture of a few annatto, the information such as the producing area above, norms, material, price is handwritten completely those who go up. Should be asked these give appearance to sample has a manual or detect when the material such as the report, the salesperson shakes his head continuously. With manufacturer after preliminary connection, gotten answer is " sent wrong money " . Such explanation can not make consumer satisfactory, considerate and industrial and commercial branch talks things over further below bilateral agreement.
Annatto furniture goods is carried very hard, do not know way to do sth to be duped easily. The connoisseur warns a citizen, when furniture of annatto of choose and buy, should be being cleared up is " complete annatto furniture " main still part is annatto, the material that had better want to manufacturer is offerred detects report, must be being made clear on sale bill is which kind of annatto (wait like wood of red sandalwood, acerbity branch, Huali wood) , and cannot write generally " annatto " .

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