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Hefei annatto furniture seeks one paper proof hard
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"A 30 thousand multivariate annatto round-backed armchair, connect any producing area, hallmark to be done not have actually, how believing is true annatto, how is the proof worth so much money? " a few days ago, it is difficult that an annatto furniture that gentleman of Hefei citizen week takes a fancy to for oneself made. The reporter visited Hefei bazaar, in discovering product of numerous annatto furniture search one paper qualification hard to prove unexpectedly.

Numerous annatto seeks one paper proof hard

Annatto furniture material has pledged, time of be handed down from ancient times is long. Ancient time has " a inch of violet Tan Yicun gold " view. Of the addition as people income and culture grade rise, it is annatto furniture of the representing with chrysanthemum pear wood, rosewood, entering homes of more and more Hefei common people, after making afterwards calligraphy and painting, jewelry, people invests the another big heat that collect.
Collect upsurge to upsurge, but still put secret worry rear. Come day after day, the reporter visited Hefei market of a few furniture and antique city, in discovering product of numerous annatto furniture search one paper qualification hard to prove unexpectedly, and producing area proves this affects annatto furniture value " registered permanent residence " , it is have no way speaks of more, let true bogus of dilettante person difficult differentiate. Many operator, to the specific producing area of the annatto furniture that oneself manage, breed, solve amphibolously.

Annatto furniture trap is great

"Alleged annatto, it is to point to the hardwood be called by a joint name that obtains national industry to stipulate woodiness sends density, include wood of pear of red sandalwood, chrysanthemum, sweet branch and acerbity branch wood to wait among them. " quality inspection of furniture of the Anhui province stands staff member introduction, true annatto furniture is not afraid of with, had jumped over with the exterior and feel more.
"But as a result of relative standard be short of break, the problem of annatto furniture market nowadays is great: Plant generally without producing area proof, wood proof, mix the false with the genuine, shoddy, let true bogus of dilettante person difficult differentiate. " the expert points out, "Furniture of a few annatto that stick a skin disturbed more badly the normal management order of the market. The annatto lumber with illegal finer a character small retailer, cut a few, every decorative pattern and ply are almost consistent, stick in the surface of furniture of a few other woodiness, next again polishing waxing, make a furniture of the annatto that stick a skin. This kind of furniture is particularly beautiful, do not have a flaw almost, but value called a discount greatly however. But value called a discount greatly however..
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