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Zhang Yi seeks an opening ceremony to hold sale of furniture of new Chinese styl
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The Olympic Games that attract worldwide attention, make old China culture wide also be world attention, and shirt-sleeve the new Chinese style of Chinese traditional culture and contemporary design concept decorates a style to also make household illuminative first selection. Composed in rich appeal, see the detail that there is soft beauty in be like hale line, lasting appeal is very.

   Sale of furniture of new Chinese style is valued

Below the contrast of numerous and contemporary furniture, household sells the Chinese style furniture in field the brand more look over letting a person is unforgettable, and the reporter is in to provincial capital each everybody house sells of field in interviewing, also understand, the sale status that gives priority to hit each furniture brand with style of new Chinese style is valued all the way. Not only grade of a few culture is higher in old people has a special liking to new Chinese style, more and more young gens also took a fancy to the classic style of new Chinese style, the hope decorates the home more decorously.

"The furniture of style of new Chinese style welcome, because it broke furniture of traditional Chinese style to give the sense of inflexible massiness of the person,be, in the do one's best on modelling, scale and colour and lustre will traditional culture and photograph of contemporary and fashionable element are united in wedlock, have affinity more. " an agency of furniture of new Chinese style says to the reporter. Really, in give attention to two or morethings beautiful with comfortable while, a furniture of chic new Chinese style can reflect master administrative levels and grade more.

   New Chinese style is decorated pay attention to detail

Style of new Chinese style is will traditional culture what fall in contemporary setting is brand-new deduce, it is distinguished at classical, complex and trival adornment concise gets more implicative choice elegant, deserve to go up for hard and straight line soft adornment of Wen Wan, the contemporary design with classic beautiful simple and practical infuse, make household adornment has intelligence more.

Often use a few contemporary material to behave the element of Chinese tradition in the design. If use glass of carve patterns or designs on woodwork to behave classic pattern, in mounting argent metal the furniture in the tradition, proposal of original picture record book is used nowadays do couch of mensal; two-men to use did a long narrow table of; of 3 people sofa to become TV ark to wait a moment.

9 dragon decorate stylist to say: "Style of adornment of new Chinese style is very exquisite, it is especially in the residence of contemporary structure, often can achieve walk change the adornment effect of scene. These traditional residences such as Dun of carve of lattice resembling a window, brick, door build component part mediumly, often be used by stylist local adornment, in order to stress traditional distinguishing feature. " the peak adornment stylist of course of study suggests, for more the colour and lustre that highlights woodiness furniture and atmosphere, the illuminant when decorating chooses with yellow or slant Huang Weijia.
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