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Build a holiday to make furniture of annatto of Xiamen of popular feeling Jing g
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Collect a bound to have a famous remark: Flourishing age is collected. Nowadays, consumer buys annatto furniture, already not merely to use, collect annatto furniture to already became modern to divide fry, buy a house, buy another kind of investment besides the car. According to expert estimation, of classic annatto furniture year appreciate rate it is 30 % above about, of individual high-quality goods appreciate the space is larger.

In profit of high specified number drive below, illegal businessman builds false passport frequency to go out, the copy annatto furniture of pass away the sham as the genuine theres is no lack of on the market, if consumer is not pie-eyed,choose seriously, beautiful big money bought false annatto furniture to come home, can resemble buying " rubbish " euqally irritated heart.

Discovery has no producing area proof generally

Be in early 2003, supervisory bureau of Beijing quality technology adopted brand-new " census register " type management method, energetically market of furniture of punish capital annatto. Consumer should dial telephone of qualitative inspect bureau only, the annatto on the newspaper " status label " the product number that attend, the annatto furniture that can know a pitch on is true annatto, and won't be deceived.

And recently, the reporter is in visited town of Xiamen part furniture, discover annatto furniture is done not have generally however " registered permanent residence " (namely producing area proves) , write only mostly on product label " producing area Guangdong " , the pedestrian outside letting temporarily difficult differentiate true bogus.

Reporter in some furniture city one annatto brand shop sees, sundry " annatto furniture " have everything that one expects to find. Is the reporter pointing to to mark a price nearly 10 thousand yuan sofa 4 tactfully sound sb out " where produce? Have prove without producing area? " answer of ground of merchant one is assured and bold with justice says this product is affirmative is true annatto, use producing area to prove far from. But express to want to buy when the reporter, when asking merchant makes clear its material to be annatto on bill, merchant expresses to did not want to sell immediately however.

The reporter makes work another times only in the urban district see in the bazaar of annatto furniture, there is numerous mark to have in so big market " producing area Guangdong " annatto furniture, mark a price to differ to on 10 thousand yuan from thousands of yuan, as to proof of annatto producing area, counterjumper says to had not heard of at all, but can make sure the product is true annatto. The reporter sees in the spot a few call the annatto that is curiosa furniture according to merchant, price does not poor, merchant expresses to be able to offer producing area proof, but the treasure that this product is town inn, look not to sell only. Merchant expresses to the reporter again and again, he is by credit deal, won't break oneself fascia because of a furniture.
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