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Chinese style furniture: Borrow Olympic Games east wind to quicken with the name
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The furniture market 2008, the youth that we often see a few geminate knots are right carries a choose and buy to buy inside store of Chinese style furniture. A variety of evidence make clear, today's Chinese style furniture is Chinese furniture not only, also be the furniture of the world. Olympic Games in year, chinese style furniture is with traditional culture " " , carry a bone in the mouth of east wind of Olympic Games of have the aid of.

Chinese style furniture from canter to quicken

"The Chinese style furniture previously, consumptive group is centered in 40 years old of above more this age level. From this year first, very the favour that gets young customer " . North some large home house sells 4 annulus a salesperson of field tell a reporter.

Probably this kind of market bought behavior to leak an information to us: Accumulate the favour that contains the Chinese style furniture of many China element to winning Chinese customer with its particular culture connotation, chinese style furniture canters again begin to quicken.

"There is wild flavor of a kind of countryside here, come here the feeling that chooses furniture to have culture of kind of recursive nation tradition. In entering store of Chinese style furniture, the feeling with store of furniture of Europe type, beautiful type is completely different, have enjoyment fun more " . The youth that chooses bookcase to coming round says to the reporter.

Compare Chinese style furniture with contemporary furniture photograph more reflected managing thought and environmental protection temporarily. Contemporary consumptive notion is " often change Chang Xin " , a lot of things used a few years to be about to change, and Chinese style furniture stresses inheritance idea however, person of on one generation is made will pass next generation, a few acting people use same thing, the rich of its place trumpet is little, and use pure lumber pure handiwork to make, do not worry about the harmful to human body material such as generation formaldehyde.

Manufacturing business lends force tradition culture card

Renown furniture was exhibited last year in August meeting, chinese style furniture blots out the sky and cover up the earth rise abruptly, the brand such as state of Yong Xinyu front courtyard, roc, Hua Wei, boast is revealed piece not the design actual strength of common, the blast that the agitation of furniture of a Chinese style is lending an Olympic Games comes over quickly.

As we have learned, furniture of Wei of Hong Kong China rolled out the product of new series this year, take meaning " Cheng Tang " . From it represented the Cheng Tang that China flourishs most for design concept period, will say the element that introduced Chinese vessel from whole exterior, and the vessel was represented again riches and honour and exalted, people regards as the sacrificial vessel of prostrate all the time in the long culture that the vessel is in China thousands of years, also representing the authority at that time, representing the progress of the times. Products plan accumulate contained rich content, there also are good design sense and aesthetic feeling in respect of draw materials, exterior, got of broad agency love.
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