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The Olympic Games drives interest of " of " China wind to blow new Chinese style
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Last week day, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games that attract worldwide attention falls eventually next heavy curtain, china gives in a satisfactory exam paper to the world. The sports grand meeting that accompanying this doorway is in the home to hold, old Chinese culture is paid close attention to all-timely, shirt-sleeve of Chinese traditional culture and contemporary design concept " new-style China wind " leave quickly also in popularity of market of household building materials come, no matter be contracted,furniture of hale new Chinese style or the home of new Chinese style in elegance of of primitive simplicity are acted the role of, become very the product of sell like hot cakes.

   Of primitive simplicity of pottery and porcelain of new Chinese style is chic

See in reporter of center of building materials of annulus Bohai Sea, some brand rolled out in the near future " series of blue and white porcelain " ceramic tile. It is chief source with Jingdezhen blue and white porcelain, combine contemporary pottery and porcelain to craft is made and be become. The Qing Li of traditional blue and white porcelain, beautiful, add modern technology not to have lead the character of avirulent, acid-proof wear-resisting, make this ceramic tile " divine body has both " . In some reporter of brand shop of the brand that defend bath sees, implement the stained glass disc that cistern front enchased material of coloured glaze of a copy to pledge, imprinting above greatly gules " blessing " word, contemporary in showing spirit of a happy event; Another cylindrical the Jin Long that lavabo flank carved two play bead, anaglyph effect is lifelike. Be in brand shop of an archaize pottery and porcelain, the doorway is placing the lavabo on an archaize stage, the copy contented material of of primitive simplicity is qualitative, there is Chinese tradition to decorate decorative pattern above, to the person a kind of days flows backwards the feeling like.

Stylist tells a reporter, big range ground uses Chinese element already no longer popular, be in especially kitchen, toilet, similar Chinese element does an ornament more with, large area is used also can appear messy, can reduce the aesthetic feeling of integral style instead. For example, in the design between Wei Yu, hand basin can be the nods eyeball pen of whole China wind; Pledge at glass relatively the ground, the basin of hand of porcelain of glazed colored pottery of simple sense massiness more can dash forward the traditional culture that shows China; The classic pattern such as green flower, Tang Cai adopts contemporary technique deduce, can make immediately ancient sweet patina rises between whole Wei Yu.

   Furniture of new Chinese style is halcyon and decorous

Besides use inside toilet, kitchen a few Chinese style element undertakes adorning besides, chinese style furniture can reflect the Chinese style that whole lives in more. Nevertheless, furniture of conventional classic Chinese style too too depressing, furniture of new Chinese style begins all the way popular.
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