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Most probably annatto furniture random label " raw material producing area "
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Buy annatto furniture, most consumer is right woodiness archives " Mu Zhimu becomes aware "
As annatto raw material rise in price, in recent years annatto furniture also when the river rises the boat goes up too. Figure yuan of value at every turn, make consumer qualitative to the material of annatto take seriously more. To make consumer right annatto material has sufficient knowledge, national level sets: When the businessman is tagging annatto furniture, besides indicate trade name still should indicate the tree is planted renown, so that consumer choose and buy and the difference that distinguish the price to go up.
Report from our correspondent (Liu Gongxia of reporter Xue Huiqing's trainee) the reporter learns yesterday, city disappear is protected appoint furniture does, disappear of brake north area is protected appoint the society that the sectional near future such as guild of the furniture that reach city developed pair of annatto furniture markets jointly supervises an examination, the result is close most probably annatto furniture " raw material producing area " the label closes nevertheless. Random mark " raw material producing area " already made market of current annatto furniture one big " common fault " .
Statistic shows, relevant section this second checked this city in all the 58 annatto furniture that market of furniture of 2 7 annatto brand shop, large annatto sells, among them problem of 46 existence label, occupy 79.3% ; Manufacture in a rough way of quality of 2 annatto furniture, 3 annatto furniture is suspected of material false. Check discovery, a few enterprise such as brand shop of brand shop of annatto of only famous beautiful, company of mulberry horse furniture undertook according to active annatto standard the standard is tagged.
City consumer rights and interests protects personnel of office work of committee furniture major to say, the label that this second examination exposes a current annatto furniture basically is put in 3 sides issue --
The mouth says to not have by random mark producing area
Active annatto standard desalt annatto producing area, about detect the branch also makes identification to annatto producing area no longer. But operator still is fond of however indicate " Laos " , " Kampuchea " , " Burmese " wait for producing area, with costly sale. In wide in a street and furniture of a few annatto sell Lu Gongmu furniture greatly inside field, this one circumstance is not individual, operator cannot offer valid proof again, case of false inconsistent with the facts is relatively severe.
Fictional name abuses common to say
Individual annatto manufacturer uses annatto common to say in great quantities or fictitious annatto name, be like " branch of bright red acid " , " violet acerbity branch " , " Indonesian black wingceltis " , " yellow chicken wing " , " black chicken wing " etc, more let consumer feel do not wear brains.
Sealed packet sells the make a price that believe a mouth
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