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Annatto furniture price is top drop 4 came on stage in September into new standa
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Will nearly two years be fried by firm firm high annatto furniture price appears of late considerably fall after a rise. The reporter visited many furniture to sell a discovery a few days ago, the price of major annatto furniture and photograph comparing had 30% last year - of 40% drop.

To make annatto furniture market more normative, " China is brunet and rare hardwood furniture standard " will carry out at rising on September 1, but the reporter understands in interview, be not as a result of this is mandatory standard, because this should be achieved,anticipate it is very difficult that the effect is afraid.

   The businessman depreciates the client copies a copy

Annatto furniture cheapens greatly -- , this is this year the one big common phenomenon of furniture market. The reporter visited discovery of market of on Shanghai many furniture recently, because the market before raw material price fall and this is evil,fry foamy undone, the price of annatto furniture glides all the way this year. Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, furniture market mixes annatto to was compared last year this year, the price falls achieve at least 30% - 40% .

Inside store of furniture of Hua Banggu allusion, the sofa of one red acerbity branch that covers 8 marks a price 70 thousand yuan, according to inn-keeper introduction, same last year commodity price is in 100 thousand yuan of above; Depreciate similarly in " everybody's home " in also can be found everywhere, a piece of rosewood 2 people chair this year price 120 thousand yuan, drop than last year 40% ; Below the big environment pressure that faces the market to depreciate, chinese style furniture sells a brand repeatedly -- " reaching the sky is red " furniture of Chinese style Gong Yan also is opposite according to market condition product of partial area part undertakes appropriate price is adjusted.

Whether can the price of furniture still fall again when annatto be askinged about, a boss that specializes in classic furniture says enthusiasticly: "Had arrived by cereal, won't drop again! Now is the inning that buys annatto furniture. Now is the inning that buys annatto furniture..

   Market of new standard difficult standard

Fall greatly in annatto furniture social status is big when, " China is brunet and rare hardwood furniture standard " was about to carry out on September 1. Standard regulation, the annatto furniture that the businessman sells must indicate grade of place of production of product name, lumber, complementary makings, timber, quality, coating, norms, and rare hardwood furniture must have fixed metal to indicate, and rather than uncovers the paper brand that falls namely.
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