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Jade carving decorative than practical Seal and the powers of the Chi Lung
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The pursuit of charm hand-carved stamps, and more material with hardness of small, with jade sculpture, decorative than practical to Three-color jade dragon seal carving dragons, bright colors, show the majesty of the dragon Chi style. However, carved jade seal placed in the desk, decorative much larger than practical. The pursuit of charm hand-carved stamps, multi-purpose small hardness materials. Chi Jade Dragon Seal And a common seal Shoushan Stone, Soapstone carving is different from a piece of jade dragons dragon tri-color jade seal carved. 6 cm square bottom seal, the thickness of 2 cm, provided the seal are two buttons Chi Long, hollow sculpture, seal the two dragons coiled dragon. Piece of jade red, green, purple tri-color range, it seems through the coiled dragon Chi between the Ambilight. The only drawback is, the seal of the chapter seems a little thin body some, if massive number of even more perfect. Chi Long argument about the origins of many, has said that the water dragon dragon essence, you can fire, you can decorate the provision of fire on the roof, so Dianding temple, church towers and other top of the Dragon Court is Chi Long. Some scholars speculate, may be the prototype of dragon dragon gecko life. In addition to fire, the dragon symbolizes supreme dragon style, so put the seal button is Chi Long often appear. Emperor Qianlong had a jade dragon dragon jade seal, about 15 million U.S. dollars sold for high prices. Experts High De Liang (Henan Business Daily Kam Po experts, senior economist, art jewelry appraisers, jewelry Forensic) According to the relics and historical records retention, seal at first but when the commercial exchange of goods, a certificate, and later became a symbol of power in power. However, in addition to seal official documents used to do more painting later inscriptions, and has become one of the unique work of art. To do a lot of seal materials, copper, silver, gold, jade, glass, then teeth, horn, wood, stone seal can be done. Jade do seals, viewing, and the role of symbol of power far greater than the actual effect. Mostly because of hand-carved seals, especially some famous seal, but also the pursuit of hand-carved texture, so many choices seal stone will lower the hardness of stone, such as the famous stone seal Shoushan stone, bloodstone, etc., easy to hand-carved. Jade hardness of 7, hand-carved it more difficult, so the seal is placed on desk watch more.

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