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"After 80" Peach almond sculpture security obsession
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A small apricot, a few knife, not half a day, almond into a life-like faces. 27-year-old Paul Anma ten years thousands of miles to explore, hundreds of pieces of carved work. Wife does not understand, he said plans were Lehe. Fifth grade for the first time created 6 am, Ma habit of getting up thousands of miles to see his wife sleep, then gently sat on the bench beside the bed. He took out a small knife in the tool box, left to work out a big thumb on the left leg on the apricot. Almond can be seen faintly on the last pencil handwriting, handwriting horses thousands of miles along the carefully carved down. Only ten minutes, almond on the emergence of a neat row of "teeth." Then under the knife, the knife slipped and almost poked his left index finger, rubbed his eyes horse a thousand miles, think of his first sculpture. Wuyi County, Hengshui, he was in fifth grade elementary school, his home and saw students craft a Peach, he decided to see for yourself. Lose control of the right hand that can hold a knife, no moment or two, was stabbed on his left hand. To avoid Injured, he stole ten dollars from home and bought a pen, pen shells knife. Half months later, he finally carved a mouse, the students were dumbfounded. Burin Xiangpei working days In 1999, the horse made thousands of miles away from home to Shijiazhuang, security, pondering his spare time from the carving knife to the strength and skills of more skilled, "I still Tingyou talent." Tool box horse a thousand miles, more than 20 large and small knife to half of which are their own ground, and his wife with a small makeup brush and every time he used to clean powder. October this year, Ma Trinidad stumbled, his wife leftover apricot color and shape from very suitable for carving. Ma miles trying to get people in the head and carved apricot character. Now, Peach, almond carved into horses thousands of miles of spiritual sustenance. After ten years of exploration, he carved the words just over an hour. "How I wish to have a bosom friend ah" "Do not understand the people around me." Horses thousands of miles, said the family did not support his carving hobby, his sculpture in a small rented room, the pregnant wife often asked next: "You This is a map Gesha?" For a long time horse a thousand miles, "and maybe that is a poor figure Lehe it!" Cheerful, he is also troubled, "drawing ability is limited, like, no matter how, painting does not come out, it can not engraved." Watching the work, Ma QL special contentment, "each piece is particularly fond of." Recently, a number of horses selected works of thousands of miles, coated with varnish, "and has capacity, can be a package of arts and crafts, the effect would certainly Better! " Ma felt thousands of miles, carving his irreplaceable life plain fun, but also shaped his character, calm and reserved, "wished to have a bosom friend ah!"

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