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Plans to invest 10 billion yuan is expected to be built within 3 years recruit
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3 am, a "co-founder of Yunnan Institute of International Jewellery signing ceremony" was held in Mans, Dehong Autonomous Prefecture Government and the Chinese Foundation for studying human development, signed at the ceremony, "was founded on the Dehong Yunnan Institute of International Jewelry agreement of intent. "This means that in a few years later, Devon will have a special training school employees are professional jewelry. Eyes on the potential of Dehong Jewellery Cultural development and prosperity in the context of the jewelry industry as a cultural industry, strategy and development at the bridgehead golden opportunity to open under the experimental area, Dehong jewelry industry prospects. It is understood that employees in the state's jewelry industry has reached 40,000 people, the jewelry industry's turnover reached 65 billion yuan more than the businesses engaged in jewelry business more than 6,000 households. Talent Development Foundation of Chinese students who intend to invest in Dehong Prefecture in Yunnan Institute of International Jewelry, for the country and Southeast Asia, South Asia, recruitment, training and cultural industries of high jewelry intermediate professional and technical personnel. Prior to , The Foundation has twice sent to Devon to conduct research professionals, through research, found on Devon in the development of jewelry industry a unique advantage and Devon currently has a large number of employees in the jewelry industry's status quo. On this basis On that basis, the Foundation and talk to the relevant units in Dehong and consultations, the two sides reached a final agreement of intent was founded. Meanwhile, both sides signed agreements to this Agreement within two months after the signing of a formal cooperation agreement. At present, Specific school sites yet to be determined. Enrollment is expected within 3 years to start next year Determine the intent agreement, Yunnan Institute of International Jewelry is expected to invest 10 billion yuan, the Chinese students and professionals responsible for the full financing the construction and Development Foundation, and is responsible for the end of January 2011, Devon was incorporated before the project construction phase and To adapt to the investors. Yunnan Institute of International Jewelry expected 500 acres of land, the government cooperate in Dehong location, land acquisition, the principal leaders of the host county and city governments in the preparation work, with the Foundation in accordance with the national upward reporting procedures. Project will start construction in 2011, 2013 enrollment. Eliminate bottlenecks, Devon jewelry professionals Talent Development Foundation of Chinese students in previous research, we found that Devon has a great potential for the development of jewelry industry. But now there are still some Dehong less jewelry industry, jewelry industry's added value is not fully played out . Are in the jewelry industry production, sales professionals and front line sales staff, the quality is uneven. In addition, the independent design level is not high, serious homogeneity; cultural and creative talent shortage, low level development; jade industry big but not strong, low-level competition; enterprises are small industrial chain is not long, not influence; market concentration does not Enough, influential enough brand power and international level is not good, leading the weak, the added value of the jewelry industry is not fully realized. It is reported that the positioning of Yunnan Institute of International Jewelry college education is a modern, international, vocational college, based in Yunnan, facing Southeast Asia. Schools will introduce some jewelry professionals and jewelry professionals other than the Only the medium of instruction, while carrying out some jewelry education and associated cultural education. Relying Yunnan, field-teaching, distance education, etc., to develop leading jewelry industry leader in the development of personnel, technical personnel, skilled personnel, International talents, leadership talent.

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