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Senior experts from the industry, then contemporary sculpture
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By the China Federation of Literature, co-organized by Chinese People, Literary Federation of Fujian, Fujian Province, China Association hosted the Tenth Mountain Flower Festival and Chinese Folk Art Folk Art Award (stone type) contest, and China's four famous stone sculpture exhibition in December 8 held in Fuzhou, stone carving from around the country gathered together artists and collectors, join the festivities. Meanwhile, the domestic art auction is in full swing for the fall among the Chinese art market in wonder and fear among all the way, without hesitation into the "billion times" to Shoushan stone carving class represented by this collection also corresponding rise in the market environment, popular attention. Although abnormal Huore Raner market, but also exposed many problems, view of this, at 14:30 on December 8, the organizers organized the "Chinese Contemporary Sculpture Symposium", Teyao experts from around the country and More than 20 judges to discuss the status of contemporary Chinese art of stone carving and direction, confusion among numerous attempts to find a rise of Chinese contemporary stone art of the road. As the meeting held in Fuzhou, the experts more in Fuzhou Shoushan Stone, for example, is the collection fit the current craze Shoushan stone for many collectors mentioned reference. The meeting was chaired by China and China Association Professional Committee of Shoushan Stone, Secretary-General of Fujian Provincial Association of Folk Artists Ye Shaobo hosted. Market growth, the arts in the back Workshop has just begun, Shanhua Prize judges, Chen Hui, associate professor of Tsinghua University Academy of Arts in art history from the perspective of the first to explain the changes in Western sculpture, that of Western sculpture since ancient Greece during the development of art from the concrete to the abstract , while the Chinese carving art, from the powerful Qin to the Qing fine rough complicated, it is the concrete from the abstract process of gradual, East and West art carving the opposite direction. Western sculpture from the original stone as a carrier only to gradually realize the beauty of stone, that stone has its own language, you can have exchanges with people, and the original advocate of traditional Chinese art of Heaven, because of over-emphasis on contemporary sculpture Figurative Art , the performance of complex, ignoring the natural expression of stone. Central Academy of Fine Arts Professor Gong, following then the blunt, direct that from the abstract to the concrete of Chinese contemporary art works from the back, on the current domestic sculpture competence is not satisfied, wasting a lot of precious materials, and that contemporary Chinese arts and crafts creation depends on integration of resources, that is, collectors, scholars, craftsmen tripartite cooperation is confined to the circle of arts and crafts masters is no way out. The creation of Chinese traditional arts and crafts from collectors, scholars, craftsmen produce tripartite cooperation, namely, the request of collectors, provide resources, literary design "style", the craftsmen responsible for specific operations. The lack of creativity of Chinese contemporary arts and crafts, technology division of the "style" too dependent, from the "style" that can not be created, which is the current figurative sculpture forms the source of more and more, technology division due to lack of ideas and creativity, only Copy copy to rely on the production to see what they see, "realism" so glamorous as their "style" sources. Professor Gong also to Shoushan stone carving, for example, that the current collection of Shoushan stone material is not heavy weight of history is also a regressive process, Shoushan stone carving art of the whole session and also in the regress. Shoushan stone and Tian present situation and the situation is exactly the same, Qianlong once they exceed the Song and Yuan dynasties jade, consume large amounts of raw materials, the original 玉不琢不成器 to present evolution as "Yu do not cut it being", as in previous years agalmatolite large number of mining, while flooded with poor carving, so the current process more waste can not be immature material, the effective integration of resources must be designed, the pursuit of artistic beauty, and the arts is greater than the material have a way out, is "green, green , conservation, sustainable development of humanity. "

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