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Limited company of machinery of Wen Zhourui couplet

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Unit brief introduction

Major of limited company of machinery of couplet of lukewarm city acute is engaged in carving the sale of equipment and service. Since the company holds water oneself, tide of advanced equipment of follow closely abroad, devote oneself to to supply high quality equipment for broad client. Management product: Cutting tool of machine of plasma cut machine, engraving tool of engraving tool of high speed carpentry, machine suction model, laser, carve characters on a seal, scroll machine, sculpture. The product enters model of experiment of gift of adornment of carpentry, advertisement, craft, education, building, furniture extensively already to make wait for industry and domain. “ offers high quality equipment and service ” is our management concept, the company has a keen-witted and capable after service team, below ceaseless effort, the company already grew to comparative to carve an industry to have the sculpture equipment supplier of consequence and service business. Phone: 0577-88868309 88868307 contact: Xu manager address: The road austral flying glow of lukewarm state city 836

Be in an area: The road austral flying glow of lukewarm state city 836
Unit property:
Unit network address: Http://

Post of invite applications for a job: Engraving tool technician (2 people name)
[Workplace] Wen Zhou [significant time] do not be restricted day
[Issue date] 2008-02-24 [age] 19-30 year old [professional] electron or machinery
[Post asks] of can responsible engraving tool groom and maintain. Responsibility heart is strong [record of formal schooling] above of technical secondary school [sexual distinction] male

[Contact] the email:
Phone: 0577-88868309     faxes:    
Contact: Xu Lixiang
Unit address: The road austral flying glow of lukewarm state city 836

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