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Shanghai Japan agency

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Unit brief introduction

Be in an area: Shanghai Xu collects Ou Yude means
Unit property: Commerce
Unit network address: Http://

Post of invite applications for a job: Business assumes (4 people name)
[Workplace] Shanghai [significant time] do not be restricted day
[Issue date] 2008-01-23 [age] 24-40 year old [professional] foreign trade (Japanese English)
[Post requirement]
One. The foreign trade of responsible product sells the work, use Internet and relevant IT tool to seek foreign client actively; 2, follow-up and maintain good client relationship; 3, freight, imports and exports declares at customs wait for relevant formalities to deal with;

2 1 international trade or English Japanese are professional, english wants to be able to get used to foreign trade to postpone the job such as the meeting case report, domestic and internationally, be familiar with all sorts of office software; 2, have experience of foreign trade work, be familiar with foreign trade flow, can begin independently accept the order the job; 3, good communication ability, have hard-working with serious professional spirit.

[Record of formal schooling] specialized subject can [sexual distinction] sexual distinction is not restricted

[Contact] the email:
Phone: 646963696     faxes: 64685629    
Contact: Mr Xu
Unit address: Shanghai Xu collects Ou Yude means

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