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Glasswork of art of Jiang Yincheng source

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This factory basically produces colour carve, make the same score vulture, colour brilliant produces a line, glacial carve, at the same time manufacturing other industry moves the door, we are acted on be brave in to innovate, read aloud below excelsior management.

Be in an area: River shade long life is pressed down
Unit property: Type of production
Unit network address: Http://Post of invite applications for a job: Sincere hire art design chromatically (1 person name) [Workplace] long life presses down Jiang Yin[Significant time]90 days
[Issue date] 2008-03-23[The age] 18-50 year old[Professional] Have
[Post asks] the working experience that has 3 years, respect course of study to study[Record of formal schooling] [Sexual distinction] Sexual distinction is not restricted

[Contact] the email: Huayioo · @yahoo.
Phone: 051086963782     faxes:    
Contact: Mr Zhu
Unit address: Jiang Yin is macrobian town

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