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Type of production

Be in an area: Anhui Hefei
Unit property: Type of production
Unit network address: Http://Post of invite applications for a job: Arenaceous art the labour that make. Install labour. Later period handles work (a certain number of person names) [Workplace] Anhui Hefei includes river industrial district[Significant time]Do not be restricted day
[Issue date] 2008-05-04[The age] Do not be restricted year old[Professional] Do not be restricted
[Post requirement]

Basically be technical field requirement. Can hard-working.

Wage scale is discussed. Intended person contact please: 13966788986

[Record of formal schooling] Do not be restricted[Sexual distinction] Sexual distinction is not restricted

[Contact] the email:
Phone: 4412459     faxes:    
Contact: Circumference
Unit address: Anhui Hefei

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