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Mo Fei atelier

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This atelier is engaged in slimy carve 10 the coming year, seasoned, the technology is excellent, can wait to all sorts of formative character landscape undertake perfect sculpture.

Be in an area: Below Dongguan pond
Unit property: Type of production
Unit network address: Http://Post of invite applications for a job: Slimy carve apprentice (2 everybody name) [Workplace] below Dongguan pond[Significant time]30 days
[Issue date] 2008-06-05[The age] 25 years old are controlled year old[Professional] Slimy carve
[Post requirement]

This atelier needs to enrol apprentice of two mud carve now, intended person can add QQ: 19761283, make clear sculpture please.

Requirement: 25 years old or so, above of junior high school, have the urge for improvement, without unhealthy addiction.

[Record of formal schooling] Above of junior high school[Sexual distinction] Male

[Contact] the email:
Phone: 13714207807     faxes:    
Contact: Luo Chunhua
Unit address: Dongguan pond falls

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