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Limited company of bronze of Shanghai luck vessel
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Limited company of engineering of art of bronze of Shanghai luck vessel is professional be engaged in sculpture of urban bronze art, figure of Buddha of religious casting copper, icon, musical instruments used in a Buddhist or Taoist mass, the design of wall of cupreous structure act and project of cupreous door window, industry that make and installs is banner enterprise.

Be in an area: Highway of the pine outside area of Shanghai green riverside 3885
Unit property: Type of production
Unit network address: Http://www.shready.comPost of invite applications for a job: Clerk (10 people name) [Workplace] the whole nation[Significant time]Do not be restricted day
[Issue date] 2008-04-30[The age] Do not be restricted year old[Professional] Do not be restricted
[Post requirement]Company business is extended, yu Ta having keep in mind postpones him scope of business, develop jointly with the company, have poineering intense emotion, humanness is active enterprising, straight-out be as good as one's word, be full of affinity, do not be afraid of bear hardships, the men and women is not restricted. [Record of formal schooling] Do not be restricted[Sexual distinction] Sexual distinction is not restricted

[Contact] the email:
Phone: 021-59743926     faxes: 021-59742831    
Contact: Liang Jin
Unit address: Highway of the pine outside area of Shanghai blueness riverside 3885

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