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Field of stone carving of Lei Xin craft
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Advocate battalion

Goods of professional stone carving.

Custom-built desk of each archives gravestone, censer, incense burner table, figure of Buddha.

Carry on: The business such as sculpture of lane of stone lion, tablet, Shi Liangting, baluster board, installation.

Company sample links: Http://

Be in an area: Village of new prosperous iron ox-tractor
Unit property: Type of production
Unit network address: Http://Post of invite applications for a job: Stone carving division (do not be restricted person name) [Workplace] Zhejiang new prosperous[Significant time]Do not be restricted day
[Issue date] 2008-06-06[The age] Do not be restricted year old[Professional] Do not be restricted
[Post requirement]

Can carve a travel

[Record of formal schooling] Do not be restricted[Sexual distinction] Male

[Contact] the email: JZM0575@126.COM
Phone: 057586680568     faxes:    
Contact: Gu Zhongming
Unit address: Xin Changtie is arrogant village

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