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Heat of furniture market good and evil people mixed up draws near Hong Kong " au

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No matter be which industry, the appearance that has good and evil people mixed up happens. The furniture industry that warms up at high speed in last few years especially, as a result of its profit of high specified number drew the look of many illegal pedlar, shoddy, fake wait for a phenomenon particularly serious. Recently, supervisory branch of technology of quality of new and high area is in Baotou city rare land to undertake one time to the furniture market inside area under administration " assault " when, discover furniture market " feline be bored with " many, consumer should be added more when the choose and buy advertent.

The Dai Maobei that add a name adds body home

However because the market is non-standard, random of a lot of manufacturers adds a name to wear a hat to the product. Current, appear to tag the furniture that rare tree plants in great quantities on the market, if pretend to be yellow Tan Mu, birch to pretend to be cherry wood to wait with hill Lan wood, hophornbeam is called " violet gold shaddock " , imprint eggplant wood is called " Jin Youmu " , balata (19880, 340, 1.74%) wood became " oak " . Although the change of one word, material differentia a few class, price turned over times however. Additional, do not indicate the lumber name of producing area is more multifarious, wingceltis of the shaddock that be like spot, shaddock, black wingceltis, yellow wingceltis, make a person dazzling, and its do not poor the price is be left speechless with wonder or fear making a person more.

Supervisory examination shows as a result, stem from sale period long, cost is advanced reason, at present the furniture city of high new developed area of Baotou city rare land is mixed point of sales, the storefront that has 90% almost manages real wood furniture won't purely, shrewd businessman made petty action on the label, intended innocently " real wood frame " , " copy real wood " it is elliptically " real wood " . Among them the sham rate for annatto furniture is as high as 50% above. According to the concerned regulation of State Bureau of Technical Supervision, alleged annatto furniture basically is to point to use 5 belong to (red sandalwood is belonged to, yellow wingceltis is belonged to, persimmon is belonged to, cliff stage is belonged to reach ferreous mesua to belong to) 8 kinds (red sandalwood wood kind, stripe ebony kind, wood of black acerbity branch kind, wood of red acerbity branch kind, ebony, besides the wood furniture that make cannot call annatto furniture.

It is reported, the profit of real wood furniture is controlled in 15%-30% , but shoddy or be mix the false with the genuine " real wood " furniture, its profit can be as high as 80%-120% . Below the temptation of profit of high specified number, much illegal production begins to appear.

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