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The expert shows furniture to collect latent capacity

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In Chinese classic furniture, have appreciation latent capacity most have 3 kinds: It is bright generation and early in the morning period the bright type furniture that shows next making in guest of bookman Chinese ink, its woodiness is wood of wing of chrysanthemum pear, chicken commonly; 2 it is clear health, harmony, male 3 generation by the emperor personally incite sb to do sth, palace artist coachs personally, choose the furniture of clear Dai Gongting that the whole nation's best craftsman makes, its woodiness is red sandalwood commonly; 3 it is prediction of a person's luck in a given year makes labour furniture in civilian Su Shi, wood of wing of pear of its woodiness chrysanthemum, rosewood, red acerbity branch, chicken holds concurrently. Because these 3 kinds of furniture live a life the quantity is very few, be valued by the connoisseur. Additional, than furniture of clear acting annatto, furniture of bright type annatto has investment value more, it is the first selection that investment collects. Because classic furniture jumps over old Yue Zhengui, tibetan group says somewhat " 10 Qing Dynasty are not consistent bright view " ; The potential of large furniture appreciation of the need aniseed forge such as bed of top box great cupboard, dragon, old a long narrow table is tremendous; Wood is planted respect, wood of wing of pear of red sandalwood, chrysanthemum, red acerbity branch, chicken has investment value more. Will tell to the novice search above 3 kinds of large furniture are very difficult already, not as small-sized as the bright Qing Dynasty that looks for a few value to had be notted disentomb adequately furniture serves as the new field of investment. Can pay close attention to bright Qing Dynasty appropriately for instance furniture of daily life is little annatto, wait like box of dress and make up, table plaque, the four treasures of the study price is at present opposite not tall also, the Tibet of extremely possible in the future appreciation is tasted.

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