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East Nanning of alliance special local product is popular tinware of Vietnam woo
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Golden sanded relics is sacred area 2 period mining has major discovery again: Came up out of land before a week a head of whole chromatic woodcarving person (if pursue) . Woodcarving is face of a piece of person, big eye and carve of energy of technology of anaglyph of heavy Mao Yijian, appear lifelike; Nose and mouth use another kind of craft and color, pieces of whole face is concave and convex have send, be full of stereo feeling. Head portrait returns Dai Youguan to act the role of, tress clarity is visible. Wang Yi of director of institute of archaeology of the Chengdu City says gladly yesterday to the reporter: "There is such elegant woodcarving technology more than 1000 years 3 ago, in total national capital it is infrequent! Be too unexpected really.

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