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Bright of art sea gem is dazzing first China (Pu Tian) channel handicraft exposi
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Bright of art sea gem is dazzing, beautiful Lun Meihuan of craft high-quality goods. Stream of people stays to forget to return repeatedly like tide. A few days ago, first China that just rings down the curtain (Pu Tian) channel handicraft exposition conquered the wide audience that comes from complete province and two sides of the Taiwan Straits to have deep love for art. 4 days short in time, exposition recieves travelling merchant, collector and audience in all twenty-eight thousand five hundred person-time, travelling merchant of course of study of its technical secondary school 1000 much person-time; Reach spot dealing specified number 11.24 million yuan, sign a contract 26.75 million yuan, sign intent 75.63 million yuan, manufacturer of craft of countrywide each district gains 18 distribute point newly in the our city.
Artistic curiosa numerous star holds a month in both hands
First China (Pu Tian) channel handicraft exposition is the national arts and crafts that the our city holds first is tasted exhibit meeting. According to city boast of gold of chairman of company of 2 light couplet introduces to the reporter, exposition with " develop ethical skill culture tradition, breed expand industry of arts and crafts " for the theme, work of 7 kinds of big when reveal the enterprise of arts and crafts that comes from the two sides of the Taiwan Straits and artists to deliver arts and crafts that many 10000 design of nearly 30 breed makes novelly, meticulously. 12800 square metre reveal a center to be decorated Yi of full of beautiful things in eyes, Yi is unripely brightness.
Exhibit the item on display that the area exhibits to have a lot of delegates that are Great Master of arts and crafts and a person of academic or artistic distinction in the center make, represented the advanced level of contemporary China arts and crafts. These curiosa include more than 10 variety such as jade article, woodcarving, stone carving, pottery and porcelain, inwrought, lacquer, carved lacquerware. The jade article classic of Huang Youyue of general manager of company of abundant grand a small room -- , agate " shrimp dish " , the black part carve in expecting agate ably is become dish, transparent part carve becomes white a prawn, shrimp has volume 20 6 beards, legs, some hollow out, some jackknife, attitude each different, mutual across, white shrimp, Hei Panwan is like a day to become. This work is on hard and fragile agate, carved leg of very meticulous shrimp beard, shrimp successfully, made up for the blank on jade carving history. During 10 carry are met this year, just selected beauty of sports of the 6th whole nation is exhibited, by work of woodcarving of carven of Chen Chunyang of sculptor of our city youth " Hu Wa " the look that attracted numerous collector. The Hu Wa in work sticks up a mouth high, spell an effort that suck the breast to want to raise that pair of stone dish. Work conception is clever, expressional gimmick is simple and contracted, be full of full-bodied agrestic breath, expressional rural area " small force earth " Hu Hu
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