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Exposition of handicraft of first two sides of the Taiwan Straits is begun in Pu
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Xinhua net Fuzhou on October 31 report (reporter Li Huiying) first China (Pu Tian) channel handicraft exposition is in city of Pu Tian of Fujian Province of Mom ancestor native place 31 days to kick off, ginseng of industry of Great Master of many 800 arts and crafts that comes from the two sides of the Taiwan Straits, arts and crafts exhibits business to meet city of arts and crafts reveals the Pu Tian of new completion center, communicate craft, negotiate collaboration, in all commercial firm industry grows.

Exposition of current channel handicraft is learned by Chinese arts and crafts, the much home unit such as commission of trade of economy of government of Pu Tian's people, Fujian Province is sponsorred jointly, 830 standards exhibit an assemble 7 kinds of big when come from the two sides of the Taiwan Straits craft high-quality goods of nearly 30 breed, include to carve kind gem of furniture of carve of woodcarving, jade carving, bluestone, white marble carve, Shou Shanshi carve, violet arenaceous crock, Qi Yi, archaize, artistic pottery and porcelain, bullion, embroidery.

In exhibit the meeting is ad hoc " Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan exhibits an area " , the enterprise of 9 arts and crafts of Taiwan exhibited with be being installed especially hundreds of craft the high-quality goods with masterly, distinctive color. Taiwan Cheng Dediao engraves the Wu Zaiyang of travel to exhibit " 33 avalokitesvara group picture " will 33 honour avalokitesvara resembling sculpture is on the sandal that is less than a meter, character expression each different, sculpture craft is exquisite fastidious, your audience says to surprise. Taiwan lacquer made domestic poplar Feng Cheng also bring a few elegant work, he tells a reporter, what communicate as cross-strait culture is thorough, he has come his atelier Guangzhou from Taipei change, rich of mainland ground numerous other people, clime diversity, atelier is set in the mainland to find the raw material that makes paint more easily, the folk that also can differ from motherland each district finds inspiration in craft, absorb the nutrient with China artistic tradition.

Exhibit during the meeting, furniture of annatto of Suzhou embroidery of arenaceous crock of Jingdezhen pottery and porcelain, appropriate Xing Zi, Jiangsu, Zhao Qingduan inkstone, Zhongshan, celestial being swims the numerous tradition such as ivory carving of bamboo carving of hill of archaize furniture, Shou Shanshi carve, Wu Yi, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan craft. Great Master of arts and crafts, celebrity still had competition of sculpture of feat, spot, show Pu Tian to carve the top level of craft.

Pu Tian Youyou's long arts and crafts is produced history, all along with " essence of life is tiny appear vulture " celebrated, the bright generation with a lot of careful carver Mom ancestor resembles, in a horizontal inscribed board palace after putting the day that takes in Pu Tian, Taiwan and Japanese Nagasaki and other places up to now. Pu Tian was obtained 2003 " the city of Chinese woodcarving " title, at present enterprise of arts and crafts of whole town villages and towns amounts to many 3000, arts and crafts makes an appointment with 200 thousand person from personnel of course of study, year achieve production value many yuan 70, the product covers the throughout the country and sell southeasterly inferior, Japan, Euramerican and other places. (be over)
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