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[Graph] Pu Tian 630 million build wall of arts and crafts
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[recently the city of arts and crafts of completion]
Make in Pu cropland city " 915 " in program of industrial group development, arts and crafts is one of group of 10 big industries, the production value 2010 will amount to 10 billion yuan. Current, cover an area of a face to accumulate 460 mus, always invest 630 million yuan, total floor area the Pu Tian of 420 thousand square metre city of arts and crafts already completion.
This by show jewelry of center, woodcarving, jade carving, stone carving, bullion 4 are on sale after the city building of arts and crafts of the composition such as area and establishment of public service form a complete set is become, can enter for many 1000 enterprise halt, will become a base oneself upon Pu Tian, drive the whole nation of complete province, radiate, large handicraft market that faces the world.
Trade of classics of Pu cropland city appoint a chief says, arts and crafts already made industry of one big characteristic, up to by last year, whole town shares business of arts and crafts many 3000, among them annual produce amounts to ten million yuan the enterprise of above tens of homes. Last year, sale of industry of whole town arts and crafts amounts to many yuan 80. Current, whole town arts and crafts makes an appointment with 200 thousand person from personnel of course of study, technical personnel 5000 much people, among them Great Master of provincial arts and crafts 17, expert celebrity 33.
As we have learned, history of Pu Tian arts and crafts is long, all along with " essence of life is tiny appear vulture " celebrated, among them most representative Pu cropland woodcarving allows Yu Tang a surname, cheng Yuming is clear. Now, pu Tian Yicheng is handicraft of the throughout the country's biggest woodcarving of sale in domestic market advocate producing area and distribution centre, was awarded jointly by society of arts and crafts of federation of Chinese light industry, China 2003 " the city of Chinese woodcarving " title. Of woodcarving industry increasingly powerful, also drove stone carving of carve of sculpture of archaize furniture, religion, jade carving, bluestone, Shoushan, craft to braid, the development of the relevant industry such as gem of bullion headgear, man-made, lacquer.

[the reporter is investigated]
The industry of one big characteristic that how makes Pu Tian is arts and crafts? In rise abruptly, is Pu Tian arts and crafts still existing what problem? How should the government guide industry of arts and crafts to do again do greatly strong? Taking these issues, the reporter had seek by inquiry.

[current situation close-up]
Exhibit the enthusiasm of business
During interviewing, just meet first China (Pu Tian) exposition of channel arts and crafts is being held, exhibit meeting site to be in city of arts and crafts of exit of cropland of Pu of Shen Hai freeway reveals a center inside. Reveal a center inside two the layer is exhibited 830 times in all on, filled up with the arts and crafts such as carve of woodcarving, jade carving, bluestone, furniture is tasted, the person that comes round to look around in an endless stream. Come round to join the Taiwan businessman that exhibit Mr Chen tells a reporter, he brings the high-quality goods ginseng such as woodcarving, figure of Buddha this to exhibit, still have with what he comes along other enterprise of 8 Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. "Everybody basically is the perspective that values progress of Pu Tian arts and crafts, come round to communicate together. Come round to communicate together..
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