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The 3rd China (Pu Tian) opening autograph makes an appointment with wooden indus
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The 3rd China (Pu Tian) commerce of wooden trade investment negotiates can kick off in city of Fujian Province Pu Tian, share lumber of many 200 China production, management enterprise and the lumber exporter that come from more than 10 countries such as the United States, Russia and area, purchase business ginseng to be able to negotiate.

Current negotiate meeting by lumber of Pu Tian municipal government, China current association sponsor jointly. 8 days morning, production of nearly 200 timber, management enterprise is in just the industry of timber of international of Pu Tian Xiuyu of complete is revealed trade product of large timber industry was held to be on sale inside the center recommend meeting.

As we have learned, pu Tian already built overall planning to amount to commerce of 20 thousand mus national level lumber to machine demonstrative area at present, this area also is to import log, sawn timber to export pilot area, enjoy entrance log to machine sawn timber exit not to need lumber to export the policy of quota. This area builds quarantine of the first marine entrance lumber of our country to eliminate harm manage division, year can handle entrance log 3 million stere.

Negotiate meeting general undertakes continuously on April 10. Negotiate during the meeting, the lumber supplier that comes from Russia, United States, southeast Asia, Africa, South America and lumber investment company will attend supply and demand of much field log, wood to negotiate. (be over)

The autograph invests trade fair of industry of Pu cropland timber about 2.7 billion

Yesterday, the 3rd China (Pu cropland) commerce of wooden trade investment negotiates can be in demonstrative area of improvement trade of lumber of level of island nation of Pu Tian Fuxiu opens, come from country and the our country such as Russia, United States, Malaysia, Japan the lumber exporter of 14 provinces area and wood purchase business to waited for 2000 much people to attend an opening ceremony. Bureau of development of trade of committee of Xie Mu export, New Zealand is stationed in broadness of forestry of Malaysia lumber board, United States and paper trade association, United States China the orgnaization also sent a delegate to attend an opening ceremony.

Changsha of American Alaska city plays Ms. Bao Lin, trade through be being set in industry of Pu cropland timber to reveal platform of lumber electron business affairs, wish China (Pu Tian) be in harmony of wooden industry trade is met consummation.

In recent years, pu cropland city is accelerated drive wooden already aid to develop, the quarantine of national level lumber with only port of our country harbour builds to handle an area beside beautiful island harbor, first phase project year can handle entrance log 3 million stere. Subsequently, the trade of national level lumber that form a complete set builds an area to amount to many mus 20 thousand machines demonstrative area. Demonstrative area accumulative total signs about 71 projects, total investment exceeds 6 billion yuan, already be born 27 enterprises, always invest nearly 5 billion yuan.
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