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Art of stone carving of first lukewarm city spreads out exhibit
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Lukewarm city stone carving is of long standing and well established, the oblivion of the market lets this for a time however art kind be close to die out. Stone carving art exhibits first Wen Zhou to be in house of art of national treasure fast to begin now, lukewarm city stone carving of the crystallization of half many century make, will make a citizen new appreciate the history of art of lukewarm city stone carving and glamour.

This second exhibition publicizes trade of classics of ministry, city by municipal Party committee appoint, city article couplet is sponsorred jointly, aim stone carving of rescue lukewarm city is immaterial culture bequest, promote art of lukewarm city stone carving. Work of exhibiting many 300 stone carving is lukewarm city stone carving the concentration of achievement of half many century is revealed, besides Pan Yuchen, Wu Ke outside the work of the Great Master of older generation stone carving such as blessing of numerous, Lin Yan, Zhao Yongfu, still Pan Xicun, Na Hanbin, Chen Shunde, Wu Xu shines etc in recent years the whole nation time and again the artist work of bear the palm, individual character is diversiform, highlighted the terrain distinguishing feature of art of lukewarm city stone carving. Exhibition period comes since now this month 28 days.

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