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Celestial being swims exhibition of classic craft furniture will be held in Beij
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Latter, celestial being swims the county adopts measure actively to strengthen conduct propaganda of product of classic craft furniture to recommend, specific for: It is collect a design extensively to the society " inThe country is classic of craft furniture " mark. 2 it is the organization prints celestial being to swim industry of classic craft furniture is publicized book. In blessing mansion freeway, 324 countries, It is important to save churchyard of 3 outskirts line crossing installs large advertisement. 3 it is open up celestial being swims craft travel circuitry, with provincial butt joint of other travel circuitry. 4Be guide and support an enterprise to make own brand, this county was had the honor to win last year " product of Fujian famous brand " the technology company of the title has 4, continue to choose this yearReport 6. 5 be held in Beijing July on this year " Fujian celestial being swims exhibition of classic craft furniture " , have ginseng signing up to postpone a business many 200, exhibit 350 many. (Ni Wei plum)

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