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Listen, this stone is met " sing " Duo comes Mi
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First folk art tastes Shenyang exposition kicks off in industrial exhibition today, the citizen enters freely

Morning paper dispatch (reporter Yang Haifeng) 208 meters the stone that can play music, long paper carve dragon, " extraterrestrial " iron carve... hundreds collect carefully is in folk " rare treasures " will appear simultaneously now. First 2008 folk art taste Shenyang exposition will kick off in Liaoning industry exhibition now, broad masses can enter freely look around, one feast one's eyes on.

   CleverKnock on stone piece " Duo comes Mi "
Yesterday, the spot is exhibited in noisy cloth, come out suddenly the tweedle of ear of a Zhen Yue. Abide sound and go, a lady is performing play music in a Shi Qin. Below the knock of young timber hammer, lesheng is rising and falling and ringing, swing is changeful, very euphonic. "The material of this Shi Qin is water Chinese ink character 8 sound stone, draw materials at river of Guangxi red water. " executant Zhang Xiuping says. According to Introduction Zhang Xiuping, river of red water of Guangxi of Shiwei of water Mo Bayin is particular, this wears half an year of classics of all previous of stone musical instrument, in numerous water Chinese ink the selection in 8 sound stone goes 17 stone to comprise. The reporter takes rock of knock of one by one of young timber hammer, discovery has actually " Duo comes Mi is sent " scale, "The pitch of generation differs and this basically is formed. " Introduction Zhang Xiuping.

   ArtfulScrap iron make " extraterrestrial "
Showing a region east side, 3 " extraterrestrial " had placed a model, await a citizen. The reporter approachs discovery, these " extraterrestrial " comprise by the spare parts such as gear, steel wire completely. "This is iron carve, also be an art. " fair Wei of the person that create tells a reporter, "The most complex an iron carve, the time that used me nearly one year. The time that used me nearly one year.. Gong Wei is Shenyang city iron on the west the worker of hillock of one under one's name of the area, "A solderer is before me, like to solder at ordinary times thing. Chat with the friend that makes art, sudden crank, try iron carve when door art. Try iron carve when door art.. "When old industry base removes on the west, for the most part iron buys the material of these iron carve when scrap iron. " Gong Wei says. Iron carve of Gong Wei " extraterrestrial " size and true person as good as, rib is Ban child, iron wire is a hair, femoral section is gear... an iron carve uses all sorts of parts actually more than 6000.
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