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Reoccupy of city of sweet river furniture upgrades 10 years " of furniture " [gr
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City of sweet river furniture
A few days ago " city of furniture of sweet river of country of appropriate be placed in the middle rises abruptly 10 years " on forum, yang Wenhua of secretary of sweet river county Party committee develops to sweet river future make state clearly: Next 10 years, city of sweet river furniture will build body to measure the omnibus furniture exhibition hall of 5 million square metre, exceed China the biggest, Guangdong suitable heart that covers an area of 3.2 million square metre is at present happy from furniture city, from " of trade of Chinese northward furniture " upgrade those who be be worthy of the name " of Chinese furniture " .
Yang Wenhua making such judgement is gas of know how things stand and feel confident of handling them. 10 years before, sweet river still has an area only only the furniture city of 12 thousand square metre, sale only 100 million yuan. And after 10 years today, city of sweet river furniture already covered an area of 1.2 million square metre, have 40 many furniture exhibition hall, brand of 6000 many furniture, year sale achieves 10 billion yuan. Turned over 100 times 10 years. Next 10 years, yang Wenhua is to hope to break up two times on the foundation here merely.
The explanation says Yang Wenhua: "The development of sweet river is not blindly pursuit dimensions, sweet river is a very little earth the treasure ground of very little gold, the main way that we develop is the industry upgrades, make a brand, enhance core competition ability. The main way that we develop is the industry upgrades, make a brand, enhance core competition ability..

   Preexistence this life

Sweet river history is long, culture is accumulated deep, be in early with respect to somebody before 6000 this lives. After Zhu Yuanzhang of Ming Taizu of according to legend topples yuan of government, escape to llano to make a group constantly with yuan of arms of north. Then, zhu Di of prince of Zhu Yuanzhang back cover is swallow king, assume leadership sweeps north, send counsellor Liubai Wen Suijun go on an expedition. King of very fast swallow with respect to calm down yuan of arms. At this moment, swallow king is gentleman independently in cold blood, send Liu Baiwen to seek ground found a capital. Person of belt of king of a day of swallow comes to sweet river kind and gentle this world is pressed down. Duration in June, brook of all sides of kind and gentle this world surrounds, carry on one's shoulder ancients name for a water catltrop to bloom in water, the picture is pretty, aroma raids a person. Swallow king is profuse in praise: It is sweet river really also! The name of sweet river from this and come.
Sweet river does not produce timber, rich is not rich also, but sweet river gives dab hand since ancient times. When Zhu Di of according to legend builds Beijing wall, carpentry total head is sweet river person. Sweet river person all the time proud with having craft, armrest art has a meal, armrest art raises the home, the sweet river person that is laborious goodness is traditional and the ideal of guileless and pursuit.
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