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Make the sea trade platform clinchs a deal on the west the forehead breaks throu
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Came 22 days on May 18, trade fair of Fujian of the 5th China (the following abbreviation " business is handed in meeting " ) hold in Fuzhou, according to statistic, 5 days come, accumulative total exit clinchs a deal the forehead 62.05 million dollar, grow 47% than previous term or session; The entrance clinchs a deal the forehead 38.2 million dollar, on the base that increases 210% compared to the same period in previous term or session, grow 137% compared to the same period again; Sale in domestic market clinchs a deal the forehead 213 million yuan of RMBs, grow 23% than previous term or session.

Current business is handed in meeting by the country the stage does, trade of government of people of bureau of qualitative prison of customs total office, state, Fujian Province, China closes to total meeting is sponsorred. With current exhibit what meeting the corresponding period holds to still the 10th sea hands in the 3rd meeting, China (Fujian) consumable whole world purchases trade of trade of the 5th Fair, Fujian to invest collaboration to negotiate efforts of city of bank economy area exhibits meeting, channel on the west.

Current business hands in ginseng of the enterprise outside can sharing 355 churchyard to exhibit, always show an area 20 thousand square metre, exhibit 805, set 3 to exhibit a house in all, it is entrance house, brand house, household craft house respectively. Other foreign trader is handed in still can set 36 seas synergic area is exhibited on the west with 38 service trade is exhibited.

The Thailand fruit with Indonesian handicraft, tangy faint scent mixes the Vietnam annatto furniture that import trade function promotes elegance of of primitive simplicity ceaselessly, exquisite that make aromatic rice, fragrance the Burmese jade that sweet full-bodied Australian bishop, glittering and translucent get rid of appears... the entrance house this year is current business undoubtedly hand in a of the meeting, walk into entrance house, what walked into product of each district of a world to gather together with respect to just like is big exhibit a stage.

Current business hands in area of meeting entrance house to enlarge nearly 8000 square metre by the 6000 square metre of previous term or session; Exhibit digit to increase 247 from 210, occupy 30% what always exhibit digit. The enterprise outside the 150 family circumstances that come from 16 countries such as Japan, Korea, United States, England, Poland and area and orgnaization attend the meeting. Cent set day Han to exhibit an area, east alliance exhibits area, India area, Euramerican exhibit area, Australia to exhibit area, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to exhibit an area.

In the entrance house area expands ceaselessly, ginseng exhibit a country to be not mixed the area is ceaseless grow in quantity while, business hands in the complementary sex that also can strengthen entrance item on display and Fujian Province industry ceaselessly. There is the daily expense consumable such as the food of demand of the market inside the Fujian Province, furniture already in item on display showpiece, also machinery of equipment of new and high technology, energy-saving environmental protection, content shedding seeks advice, the product kimono Wu such as technical trade, made up for the inadequacy of Fujian Province industry effectively, reflected adequately " optimize standard of industry of entrance structure, promotion " directive train of thought.
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