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Annatto furniture price returns to reason
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Woodiness furniture to people, not be the simple symbol that occupy the home, however the carrier of a kind of lifestyle. Among them blame with rare annatto furniture, shirt-sleeve practical, artistic, aesthetic, protect a value to be an organic whole, there is the place that cannot replace in the mental view that has person of real wood complex. After be being acclaimed through insanity of two years, annatto furniture price begins to return to reason this year, and a few days ago " China is brunet and rare hardwood furniture standard " come on stage, annatto industry enters to adjust undoubtedly period, this is the inning of a proceed with undoubtedly to collecting lover.

  Hardwood furniture new standard is in deep short-term inside carry out hard

A few days ago, standardize a center to wait for orgnaization new castigatory by furniture of Chinese furniture association, whole nation " China is brunet and rare hardwood furniture standard " carry out formally. Introduce according to Chen Baoguang of vice-president of Chinese furniture association, the annatto furniture that new standard asks to sell must indicate grade of place of production of product name, lumber, complementary makings, timber, quality, coating, norms is waited a moment.

Recently, go to before the reporter is special art exhibit square of culture of technology of center, century, and the annatto furniture such as golden sea horse, Le Anju sells a few times of concentration. However the salesperson expresses almost, do not be clear about what call somewhat " standard " , its product still is sold with before, without what change. Reporter discovery, major annatto furniture did not mark a price card, also do not have product information, before going up, need consumer enquires, just the salesperson informs wood to plant, producing area, price.

Appear such is out of line, the personage inside course of study expresses, new the standard that come on stage belongs to directiveness, mandatory standard of and rather than, because this wants to achieve,anticipate the effect to have the difficulty that comparative, in short-term inside still come true hard. Dan Chenbao emphasizes solely, this standard can make contain annatto furniture inside the idea of furniture of brunet and rare hardwood will be more clear, to farther normative market, wash out bogus annatto furniture to have very great sense.

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