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Wu Bingliang of furniture design Great Master puts forward annatto furniture to
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Classic furniture can develop Chinese annatto continuously forum is held in Shandong Zi rich

Graph: Classic furniture can develop Chinese annatto continuously forum is held in international exhibition center of Shandong Zi rich

Came 21 days on September 16, 2008, the first Shandong annatto that saves government of people of city of rich of furniture association, Zi to be sponsorred jointly by Shandong is classic furniture exhibition kicks off in Zi rich international exhibition center, exhibit an area to amount to 10 thousand square metre, share furniture of archaize of more than 100 when come from the whole nation famous annatto to produce enterprise ginseng to exhibit.

Current exhibit meeting with " inheritance China traditional culture, reveal elegant demeanour of Chinese annatto furniture " for the tenet, exhibit Shandong still was held to save committee of major of furniture of furniture association tradition to hold water during the meeting reach the ceremony that give a shop sign; Classic furniture can develop Chinese annatto continuously seminar; Invite Jiangheng of secretary-general of committee of major of Chinese conventional furniture's husband, the bright type furniture with council vice director, famous major of Chinese conventional furniture designs the expert such as Great Master Wu Bingliang to undertake joining exhibiting work evaluation and special subject speech to wait for an activity.

In Chinese annatto classic furniture can develop a seminar to go up continuously, mr Wu Bingliang regards our country's famous bright type furniture as the Great Master of Gao Fang and design that make, appeal annatto furniture produces a business must with " borrow Gu Kaijin, change Gu Weixin " kind is right conventional furniture undertakes reforming with innovation, of stimulative industry develop steadily, its comprehensive and thorough viewpoint caused annatto furniture company to represent reputably, healthy to promoting a trade progress has constructive direct sense, reprint content of speech of Mr Wu Bingliang as follows now:

Graph: Bright type furniture designs Great Master Wu Bingliang and many expert to exhibit work to undertake evaluating to joining together

Shallow those who talk about conventional furniture is improved design with innovation

The friends of colleague of each leader of respect, expert, industry and news media:

Everybody is good! Can organic today meeting gathers together with everybody here, attend Chinese annatto classic furniture can develop a seminar continuously, discuss Chinese conventional furniture to accede jointly the problem with development, make I feel honor!
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